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  1. PoolTrip

    For sale: Break Cue

    Predator BK2 for sale $280 shipped. wrapless, straight, in good condition. PMs please. Thanks for viewing.
  2. PoolTrip

    Shaft for sale

    Sold! Thank you. Predator Z-shaft for sale. Uni-lock Joint. Straight and dent-free. Has a tip on it, and will come with a Kamui tip for your next tip change. No charge for the Kamui.
  3. PoolTrip


    I talk to some friends today and it seems everyone is having a bad time with $dough given the global financial downs. So came two propositions. 1. Dealer willing to trade some stuff for cues to sell. Tips, wraps for starters. 2. Another guy willing to set up website for interested cuemakers...
  4. PoolTrip


    Anyone bought supplies from Schmelke before? Hows the quality and service?
  5. PoolTrip

    Asking the cuemakers

    Joss West, where are they made?
  6. PoolTrip

    5/16 "14

    Asking all ya woodys, Can a 5/16"14 FLAT face shaft fit a 5/16"14 PILOTED jointed butt? Is it gona be nice and firmly jointed if it fits?
  7. PoolTrip

    i-Trader feedback

    Thanks to 2 AZers below, its figured out already. Rep coming your way SouthPaw! And you too PROG8R sir!
  8. PoolTrip

    Looking for SPINDOKTOR

    waiting his pm. Anyone seen him:) No bad news here, jus asking
  9. PoolTrip

    Looking for Instroke case

    Looking for Instroke 2x4 case. Denim case preferred. Or brown leather. Please PM prices and condition. Pictures will help in purchase:)
  10. PoolTrip

    Cue Tips: What you like

    For Performance: Which do you like, block or laminated/layered? Whats better IYO?
  11. PoolTrip

    For Sale: PowerBreak with Linen Wrap and Deep Impact Shaft

    SOLD: PowerBreak Made by Mezz Cues in Japan Shaft Deep Impact (DI) Cue has a new home!