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    WTB Gold Letter Joss

    This one?
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    Looking for older viking pool cues

    I have a c1200 for sale! It’s posted here!
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    Joss N-17

    I sell a Joss N-17 gold letter cue including 2 shafts. Cue is in very good condition 9/10 considering it’s age! Shipping from Germany. Pricing 1800 incl. both shafts and shipping. Please PM me if interested.
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    Viking C1200

    I sell a rare C1200 incl. 1 shaft 12.9mm Condition of the cue is 8.5-9/10 considering age. Cue is straight! Shipping from Germany. Price 1400 incl. shipping. Please PM me!
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    Some of my recent work...

    Typically I'm a silent reader on this forum... But I thought I should show some of my cues to the public on AZ as well. Here is some of my recent work: Here are some detail pics of the 4Point cue I made...
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    Sound producing factors

    what do you think effects the sound most? How can different cue sounds be influenced? Please differ the pink sound to the pong sound and tell us from your experience how you would maintain that sound if your costumer would want a cocobolo PJ for example. What would you do, in inner...
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    My first ebony 6 Pointer

    Hello, this is my first build ebony 6 Pointer. What do you think?
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    Longoni S2 thread

    I have a customer who wants me to make some shafts for a longoni cue. Does anybody know on which screw thread the longoni S2 is based on? Its thread dia is 9,9mm so it can not be based on any 3/8" thread from my point of view. Thanks
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    Does somebody know if Lee from Brianna is on holiday or something like that. I tried to reach him via mail several times without a reply yet. Thanks