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  1. Duane Hinton

    Congratulations Topeka APA National Champions

    Hooray for the APA 8-ball team champs from Topeka Kansas. This is the 3rd national champs we've crowned since 2004. Can any other region boast this accomplishment?
  2. Duane Hinton

    my custom shurtz cue

    I met with Bob Owen on June 28 to talk about building a southwest style four point cue for me. While waiting for Gabe to play Joey Grey in the finals of the one pocket tournament at Shooter's in Olatha, Bob and I talked about what I wanted in a custom cue. I have always liked the fancy SW...
  3. Duane Hinton

    Lucasi cue?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Lucasi cue that I'm told is over 20 years old. I am incuding a couple pictures of this cue and am asking the group if anyone can give me some information about the model age and an estimate of its worth. Duane