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  1. santeetech

    New Titlist Conversion by Dave Whitsell

    Here is a nice titlist conversion by Dave Whitsell out of San Diego CA. It is one of the rare purpleheart titlists. Ivory flat-faced joint, ferrule and hoppe style butt ring. 3/8x11 pin Spanish black bull wrap 8 pie-splice shaft Kamuii black soft tip 19oz 12.70mm at tip $1200 obo plus shipping...
  2. santeetech

    Restored Antique Kling

    What do you guys think of this Brunswick Kling on ebay?
  3. santeetech

    Restored 10' Kling

    Check out this antique Kling pool table on ebay
  4. santeetech

    Titlist Conversion

    $1000 Ivory joint and ferrule Bison Wrap Bright colors on points Call for details Dave Whitsell Quality Billiards 619-258-4292
  5. santeetech

    Titlist Conversion

    $1000 Ivory joint and ferrule Bison Wrap Good color on points Please call for details Dave Whitsell Quality Billiards 619-258-4292
  6. santeetech

    Titlist Conversion

    $1000 Ivory joint and ferrule Lizard wrap Please call for details Dave Whitsell Quality Billiards 619-258-4292
  7. santeetech

    Hoppe Titlist Conversion

    3/8x11 Southwest pin 19.4 0z total Threaded for up to 1 oz weight bolt Butt 29 1/4" Long 15.6 oz Shaft 29 1/2" long 3.8 oz 12.39mm at ferrule Ivory flat-faced joint Ivory Hoppe ring Bison wrap Call Dave Whitsell Quality Billiards (619) 258-4292
  8. santeetech

    NFL Celebrity Adams and Joss Cues for sale

    The Adams cue was made for NFL player Dwight C. Jones. The signature is 100% clear. It comes with 4 shafts, 2 with rings and 2 without. The Joss cue "we are told" is a 1of1. Note I said "we are told". If not please let us know. I don't know how clear the pic is, but the inlays on the butt are...
  9. santeetech

    Willie Hoppe Titlist Cues

    I Bought a 1961 Gold Crown I the other day and these cues came with it.
  10. santeetech

    Where to play in Phoenix?

    I know of Mesa Billiards and Clicks. Any others? Gonna be there May 27-29
  11. santeetech

    Lookin' for a tech in Utah

    Give me a call if you know of any A+ techs in or around Cedar City, Utah close to St George Dave Whitsell Quality Billiards (619) 258-4292
  12. santeetech

    Palmer cue for sale

    Local guy here in San Diego needs fast cash. All offers considered. Call Dave Whitsell @ Quality Billiards (619) 258-4292 or contact here on AZ. $700 includes case Cue original except window replaced. [/IMG][/IMG]
  13. santeetech

    cushions for an old Brunswick 5x10?

    Do they (Artemis or Brunswick) even make a cushion for an old Brunswick 5x10. It has "Monarch Superspeed" cushions now and I understand by reading here that would be K-55 Intercontinental by Artemis and/or K-55 Superspeed by Brunswick. I am concerned about the length for a 5x10 rail which are...
  14. santeetech

    GC IV rail height question

    I am recovering a GC IV today. Looked at it last night and saw balls hopping off the rails. When I checked they looked like they were at 1 3/8" to the nose. Simonis cloth. Do I need to do something to get the nose height up to 1 7/16". I have seen pennies at the rail bolts on some GC II's. Maybe...
  15. santeetech

    SoCal to NoCal job if anybody wants it

    "The only dumb question is the questionb not asked"- right? We have a restored 4.5x9 Anniversary that we need to get picked up in San Diego area and installed in Eureka CA. Any chance it works with anybody's plans? Call Dave @ Quality Billiards 619-258-4292
  16. santeetech

    Fortsman cloth question

    Does Fortsman Marquis cloth have an "up" side? Been getting some pilling complaints lately. Thanks for any help! Rick
  17. santeetech

    YouTube clips from the Hustler Probably been done before, but I just enjoy the old footage so much thought somebody else might enjoy.
  18. santeetech

    LLC Best way to go?

    We have been planning a room in SoCal for a while and the time is getting close to pull the trigger and do it. We have decided to try and get a liquor license. California does a sort of pull your name out of a hat deal once a year and we will be one of the names in the hat. My question is...
  19. santeetech

    Frustrated rookie trying to learn how to do leather wraps...aarrrgggg

    I come here in hopes of finding some help cause I am trying to learn how to put leather wrap on and am so frustrated. Screwed up the first three I tried. I got the fixture that Pete Tonkin put together, so I am dead sure it's not the equipment. Pete's been as much help as he can be over the...
  20. santeetech

    Never saw this one slate screws

    Just wanted to share this one... yesterday I moved a table for a friend and when we got the cloth off there were no slate screws! Not that they didn't put them in, but it was designed that way. It was a 3-piece slate GC CLONE. He said it had a label on it saying Kasson, which was removed so I...