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    Billiard Rules in Spanish???

    Does anyone have billiard Rules in Spanish? Thanks for the help sgtlarsen

    How you clean really dirty Balls?????

    :o So I got these Balls off of Ebay, Because I didnt want to spend alot of money, So I get them and they are so filthy, tried arameth Ball cleaner.. no luck, I think they were used in a smokers billiard hall and never cleaned. So I ended up buying a new set of Centennial Pool Balls. I...

    Buying from azERS.... help

    How Can you be safe to buy Items from people on here.. I have bought alot of stuff off of ebay an have never been burned... How would you pay someone for an item? Any help would be greatlly appreciated.

    Gold crown light

    I am Looking to buy a Used Gold Crown Light.... Anyone have one???? Colorado Springs Area.. If you have one shoot me a PM or email. Thanks

    Need billiard light

    I need a billiard Light for my OS 8" Table. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks

    Need a Billiard Light for an Oversized 8'

    Hello Everyone, I need a Billiard light, for an Oversized 8' Table. The table is the one Pictured in my Avatar. Anyone have one? Im in Colorado Springs Co Thanks

    Billiard Light Help

    Hello Everyone, I need Help with a Billiard light, for an Oversized 8' Table. What Size Light do I need? 60", 72" I was thinking of making a Billiard Light out of 3 Lights Spaced Equally and centered on table. I was thinking about using 3 of either of these 2 lights...

    Pocket Leathers

    Hello Everyone, I’m going to keep the questions to a minimum this time!!! I need Leather Pockets for 20th Century. What is the Quality of these pocket leathers? Are these something I can install myself? Is there some where I can get...

    Antique Brunswick #3

    Hello to all, This post was moved off of the main page. I would like to thank everyone for the help on my last post ( this is the 1 I just moved from main category) sorry for all the...

    Antique Brunswick #2

    Hello to all, I would like to thank everyone for the help on my last post sorry for all the questions, but I have a few more. Question 1The base that the slate rest on (frame) should the joints be glued together? (See...

    Antique Brunswick Table

    1st off thanks for the input… Muttley: Clowns are SCARY. Lol Thank you Tbeaux: The Pocket Iron is Broke where the bolt Threads through it. Txpoolnut: So there I was surfing E-bay. The table caught my Eye. 1 I don’t have a lot of money. 2 It was somewhat close. 3 I like antiques...

    Antique Brunswick Table

    Hello All, I am a newbie to this site. I would like to thank everyone in advance for the help, and for me bugging you all. I have a old Brunswick pool table (Brass Plate says Brunswick Regulation Billiard table).. I am trying to find some info out about it. Name of table, what type of...