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  1. Peter@CEP

    OB Cues

    I have read nice comments about this company in the past but until a week ago I never had a personal experience to relate. Two years ago during the BCAPL Tournaments in Las Vegas I purchased an OB Shaft for my Bear Cue. On my return to Spain where I live, I played with the new shaft for about...
  2. Peter@CEP

    World 8 Ball Chamionship

    Just noticed that there will be a $200 entry fee for this year's tournament, is this a first? As far as i know, over the last 10 years, there has been no entry fee for qualified players
  3. Peter@CEP

    racking template

    This is what they are using, makes for a perfect rack.
  4. Peter@CEP

    Ùnpaid prizes, World 10 Ball Championships 2009

    As far as I am aware there are a considerable number of players who have yet to be paid for the WPC 10 Ball which took place in Manila in November 2009. This is something which needs to be rectified and I will be writing soon to the press regarding this situation. I am starting to put together...
  5. Peter@CEP

    World Ten Ball Champìonship 2009

    Ì am not sure if there has been a thread about this subject, if there has, I apologise foir starting another. I am wondering if any of the winners of prize money in the 2009 event have been paid out yet? I ask, because David Alcaide of Spain who finished third, has yet to receive any...
  6. Peter@CEP

    What´s Up at WPA

    Anyone noticed the changes in the Board of Directors? I see that Ian Andersen is no longer named as President, there also seems to be a couple of names missing. No Vice President, Sports Director, Secretary, Treasurer etc.
  7. Peter@CEP

    Want to cross swords with a World Champion?

    The Lugo Open takes place in northern Spain 26th - 29th June 2009. 4 current world champions are booked in plus some of the best players from around Europe. The winner takes home 10,000 euros, (approx. $13,000) for an entry fee of 100 euros. More information from
  8. Peter@CEP

    9 Ball in Spain

    This is giving everyone plenty of notice but if anyone is going to be in Europe towards the end of June 2009, the north of Spain is the place to be.