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  1. chaozzzsg

    Looking for 2x4 jb ultrapad interior for justis prolite case

    Hey guys, I am Looking for 2x4 jb ultrapad interior for justis prolite case. If u have any, kindly pm me.
  2. chaozzzsg

    Looking for 2x4 Whitten or justis case.

    Hey guys, pm me with what you, got and the price. Prefer black color.
  3. chaozzzsg

    My dry cabinet set up

    Hey guys, just set up this little collection of mine in a dry cabinet, shafts at the side. Cheers!! Humidity still going down.
  4. chaozzzsg

    Difference between zan and zan+

    Hi guys. Could anyone tell me what is the different between the 2 version? Is it just a repackaging or is there indeed a difference?
  5. chaozzzsg

    My Southwest

    Here it is finally, my first Southwest. Reviews will be up after I shoot with it more.
  6. chaozzzsg

    Rarity of Southwest under 19oz?

    I hasn't seen much southwest under 19oz, why that so? I have a SW on the way that is 18.75 and that's the weight I like. Eagerly awaiting the cue!!
  7. chaozzzsg

    Cue Repair help

    Hey guys, The pin on the butt end of my Sugartree came loose. I can kinda twist is left and right, is there anyone who can help me to repair it? I am trying to find a local cue repair guy. But if I am not able to, is there anyone that can help me? I need it repaired urgently. Thanks for...
  8. chaozzzsg

    Selling> Sugartree 8 pointer

    Hey guys, I am selling my Sugartree 8 pointer High-Low Points (Purple Heart points and Curly Maple forearm/Butt) with Eric's mirco ring at A, B, C, D. Comes with 2 shafts. I am the 1st owner and am selling it because I am no longer playing much pool. Selling it for USD $1800 (Final price)...
  9. chaozzzsg

    WTS Sugartree 8 pointer (curly PH handles and points)

    Hi all, Will be selling my beloved sugartree 8 pointer (curly PH handles and points), asking price is 2200 USD (Price Negotiable), inclusive of shipping. Add 400 USD and i will throw in a 2x2 black whitten case and a 2x4 J.Flower case. Refer to this for pics...
  10. chaozzzsg

    Selling: 2x2 Black Leather Whitten Case

    Hi all, I am selling my 2x2 Black Lizard Leather whitten case for 330USD excluding shipping. Pics to follow.
  11. chaozzzsg

    WTB a 2x4 leather case

    Hi all, as per the title...anyone have a nice leather case for sale? pm me with offer
  12. chaozzzsg

    My Newest PH 8 pointer SugarTree

    Here's the specs, 8 pointer curly PH handle and points, Eric's mirco rings at A,B,C,D,E, Curly Maple forearm. Heres the pic with my older SugarTree(sold to a nice gentleman here on AZ) Comparison of previous ringworks vs the new ringworks Pictures of my Varney and newest PH Sugartree (...
  13. chaozzzsg

    DHL Shipping rate?

    Hi guys, Would wanna know approximately how much would it cost to have a cue shipped from USA to Singapore? Thanks for reading
  14. chaozzzsg

    Selling My SugarTree ( Chechen Rose/Curly Maple ) $1300usd shipped

    Cue is sold !!! Not shown in the picture is 1 new, unchalked shaft from Eric himself and 1 more normal shaft also from Eric (lightly Used). I will be getting the new shaft from Eric end of the month and will shipped out the cue together with the new shaft. Don't have the exact weight, but it's...
  15. chaozzzsg

    Selling My prized SugarTree if the price is right

    Selling My SugarTree ( Chechen Rose/Curly Maple ) refer to this
  16. chaozzzsg

    Want to Buy: Predator Willie Hoppe ED. CASE

    Looking to buy the case that comes with the cue.. please PM me with offers..Thanks for looking
  17. chaozzzsg

    WTB a whitten 2x2 or 2x4 LITE case

    Hi per the title... Hit me with offers
  18. chaozzzsg

    what's the differences between the new and old moori?

    Hey guys, just wanna check how the hit differs and how do i identify the 1st generation moori??
  19. chaozzzsg

    Please Post Your SugarTree Picture

    Please Post Your SugarTree Picture (here's mine) Hey guys, i am thinking that all ST owners should proudly showcase their SugarTree. Here's mine:
  20. chaozzzsg

    Review of my SugarTree with old growth shaft

    Hey guys, Just got a brand new old growth shaft from Eric Crisp himself, according to him, the shaft is well over 300 year old, and i must say that it hits great. The hit is lively and firm. Got very good spin from the shaft and the control is superb. The shaft is very consistent all around...