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  1. stlerdave

    Conversion Cue Build Competition

    Almost a year ago I sent out Conversion projects to 5 builders. They all agreed to a little friendly competition. I will be posting pictures on my Facebook page Revival Cues this week. Feel free to vote for your favorite builder. Tony Russell Tony Sauer Scott Erwin Darrold Stiehl Willie Speed III
  2. stlerdave

    Joe Porper tips

    Any idea on when they stopped making tips?
  3. stlerdave

    Predator 12 piece

    Who buys these shafts?
  4. stlerdave

    Vintage cue case
  5. stlerdave

    Vintage cue case
  6. stlerdave

    Cue Raffle
  7. stlerdave

    Krown Custom Cues

    Krown Cues. Show your cues if you own one. Doing a conversion for me.
  8. stlerdave

    Brunswick Model 204

    Any idea of its value or how rare these are. Ivory joint and spliced shaft.
  9. stlerdave

    CAM Custom Conversion cue.

    Anyone interested in a great looking conversion cue? Chad did a great job on this cue. 18oz 58" $400 if I don't sell by next week I will host a raffle on facebook in the group "Revival Cues" Text 740-404-6592 for pics Thanks Dave
  10. stlerdave

    Help finding a builder

    Does anyone have contact or past dealings with christopher walker. Krown Custom Cues. Thanks
  11. stlerdave

    Hosting a raffle

    Gonna raffle off my Scott Erwin Custom Cue with extra cdx shaft. Email me at or search Revival Cues on Facebook. 35 spots @ $15 Thanks Dave
  12. stlerdave

    House cue id
  13. stlerdave

    Katz house cue

    Does anyone on here have any knowledge of these old house cues? email me for pics
  14. stlerdave

    builders list

    anyone have an updated list of cue builders. Found a few list and not very up to date.
  15. stlerdave

    Tim Scruggs

    Does Tim have a website or email? Came across a cue and would like some info on it.
  16. stlerdave


    Anybody ever have A joint come lose? I hope its just the weight bolt. Pings when I hit and sounds like its vibrating when I tap it.
  17. stlerdave

    auction find

    Picked up this Leonard Bludworth this weekend at an auction.:thumbup:
  18. stlerdave

    ADAMS bumper

    Where can I find a replacement rubber bumper for an older adams ah6?
  19. stlerdave

    Heating a barbox

    Has anyone ever used a waterbed heater to heat a bar box? Results before I try it.
  20. stlerdave

    Jim Baxter!!!

    All I can say is that he is a man of his word and goes above and beyond, We worked out a deal and he converted me a cue that is amazing.Joint Protecters are the best. I would highly recommend Jim to everyone. Here it is...