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  1. Paxman

    Davis Blank arrived today...

    Heino Klosek will finished the cue with bison wrap, Hoppe ring and a lot notched diamonds and dots from mop. A classical cue in bushka/Mosconi style. Thanks to superiorcues(Jazznpool)! Best, Andreas
  2. Paxman

    A Big Tooling...

    My nice 2/4 case from Rusty & Ron...enjoy Best, Paxman
  3. Paxman

    FS: Joss Collector Series - Jerry McWorter - Model #JM01

    Butt is like new, no dings, dongs or scratches. #18 from 50. Engraving in the steeljoint. linen is replaced with leather from a prof. cuemaker. With 2 orig. used Joss shafts . All shafts comes with Kamui II medium. Case is SOLD. Shafts will be cleaned before shipping. Cue with 2 shafts $old...
  4. Paxman

    FS: New 2/4 Melton/Thomas case...

    ---------------- $old ----------------
  5. Paxman

    The one and only...

    Got it today, 2/4 Rusty Melton/Ron Thomas case. Nice work Rusty, nice work Ron. Thank you very much. Best, Andreas
  6. Paxman

    My outer space Murrell arrived...

    ...and hit like Mjölnir The leather wrap is Bison. Best, Andreas
  7. Paxman

    EMP....Early Murrell Pics

    My design... A long time ago...(not really :) ) And today... The question was abalone or MOP. I take MOP. Best, Andreas
  8. Paxman

    My new everyday JB case

    4/8 rugged butterfly I agree complete with this case review Best, Andreas
  9. Paxman

    Looking for this Ron Thomas gator case...

    Hi, I'm looking for this Ron Thomas case: Owner please pm me. Best, Andreas
  10. Paxman

    14.1 house tournament

    Today at 11:00 am middle eurpean time zone in round about 13 minutes life from the Break Point in Hamburg Germany our 14.1 tournament with Oliver Ortmann. breakpoint-sportsbar 14.1 life stream All highlights at this live stream table. Best, Andreas
  11. Paxman

    New case is coming

    Here is a masterpiece of tooling from Rusty Melton. Ron Thomas will build my new 2/4 case with it. Best, Andreas
  12. Paxman

    My last desire for...

    ...a cue from this desert ironwood burl: To be continued... Best, Andreas
  13. Paxman

    Looking for a contact... Mr. Randy Mobley. Thank you very much. Best, Andreas
  14. Paxman

    What up with Ron Thomas?

    Hello, I have wrote 4 mails to leave a order but receive no answer. Can anybody help? Best, Andreas
  15. Paxman

    Bushka diamond...

    I'm searching for a bushka diamond vector, eps or ai format. Offer my own graphics. Best, Andreas
  16. Paxman

    Help: Who made this case?

    Hello, I need your help. I think the case was made by Ron Thomas 15 years ago. There was no name in the lid but the interior is like my other 2 Ron Thomas cases. Top and buttom are typically made of black diamondwood. Thank you, Andreas
  17. Paxman

    Got new woods...

    Amboina and thuja burl.
  18. Paxman

    B/J in making...

    Here is my new break-, jumpcue from Heino Klosek. Royal White Ebony, juma for butt, joint and rings and silver. Best, Andreas
  19. Paxman

    My new Ron Thomas arrived today

    Awesome work from a real gentlemen... It's a little bit longer so that my 60 inch cues match. A special thanks goes to Cuenut. Best, Andreas
  20. Paxman

    New cue...

    A new player by Heino Klosek is in progress. Royal white ebony, Buckorn for joint and butt. The ringwork with brass is cut next. Best, Andreas