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  1. joeknowspool

    WTB : $200 cue

    I know I can't get much. But I need a cue. I have $200 to spend. Nothing special. I'm not picky...except around 19-19.5 oz if possible. Also, 11.75-12.5 mm tip if possible, if not...that's cool to. I just sold my break cue, and playing cue. I wasn't playing as much. But when I do play, I...
  2. joeknowspool

    For sale: Gracio Fleur de Lys Cue

    Amboyna Burl and Ebony. All gold is brass. All white is ivory 3/8x10 pin Sharkskin wrap. $1600 shipped CONUS Give me some time to upload more pictures. Or send me email, and I can respond. JP's are from Alton at Cue Caps.
  3. joeknowspool

    Do you need your cue refinished?

    I just got my cue back from Scot recently. My cue looks and feels brand new. His prices are unbeatable. And, he is fast. I shipped mine during the holidays. I received my cue a week sooner than expected. Look him up....Proficient Billiards I just wanted to share my positive experience ...
  4. joeknowspool

    FS: Used Jim Lee Custom Cue

    Mexican Cocobolo forearm, faux ivory Butt and joint New elephant ear wrap installed 2 weeks ago 3/8 × 10 2 shafts - 1 original with 13mm M Kamuii tip - 1 Tiger Pro X with new ONYX tip installed 2 weeks ago. Price Drop!! SOLD I'll pay PayPal fees. Let me know if anyone wants...
  5. joeknowspool

    custom cue

    Got it. Thanks for your help guys
  6. joeknowspool

    wrap question

    I got what I needed...thanks!!
  7. joeknowspool

    WTB.... Lucasi LZ2008

    My friend wants to buy a Lucasi LZ2008. He wants a UniLoc joint around 20 oz. He also needs a case that fits 2 cues/4 shafts. If u have others that fit the description, let me know. He is looking to spend under $500 for both cue and case.
  8. joeknowspool

    tournament thread?

    Is the tournament thread gone? Anyways. Visiting LA area for the next 2 days. Any tournaments in LA area? Preferably north ridge/ north hills.
  9. joeknowspool

    for sale: Tiger X-Pro shaft 3/8 X 10 NEW

    3/8X10 Black Collar X-Pro Tiger Shaft It is an extra one I bought a few months back. It is my 2nd back up shaft. I figure I only need one back up. Brand new. It is never used, and never chalked. Standard 29" length 1/4 Juma Ferrule Tip- Onyx-LTD 11.75 mm 3/8x10 Joint sold I finally...