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  1. harmy76

    Brunswick Problems in OK

    I bought my first table about 6 months ago off of craigslist. I had a "pro?" come level it and asked about having the rubber replace and put simonis 860 on it. he said the rubber was good, "I can tell that they are bad, and i'm no pro." Next he did a horrible job stretching the cloth, and...
  2. harmy76

    Game Improvement Books/DVD's

    I know everyone will have different oppinions, but looking for the best book or dvd that can help me improve my game. Looking for tips and strategy and aiming system. I think i might go with the cte/pro one or the same aim? Just looking for advice on material that has helped your game?
  3. harmy76

    Wanted! Custom Joint Protectors

    I am looking to buy some joint protectors for a Carolina Custom 3/8 x10 pin size. The cue is ebony/ ivory with blue veneers. If somebody has just ebony, ebony/ivory, or can make custom joint protectors let me know. I need 2 males, 1 female protectors. Thanks
  4. harmy76

    Drugs to shoot better

    Awesome form!
  5. harmy76

    For Sale Meucci Fr-4 cue

    I bought this cue new about a year ago. Have an oppertunity to trade up and need to sell. It is normal length, 19 oz. and I believe it has a 12.75 mm tip. Rolls straight together and apart. Beautiful stained maple with evony and cocobola woods. Asking $225 shipped anywhere in the continental US...
  6. harmy76

    Viking G62

    I have a Viking G62 cue that I would like to sell or trade. Looking to sale or trade. The cue is in pretty good shape, the shaft has an ever so slight roll out on it. Not much, but I am picky. I can send some pics when my damn gf gives me my camera back. How many f'ing pics does she really need...