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  1. desertshark

    Allen Green cue and Jaisen case fire sale

    I have to give up pool for awhile. Have this case (red) and Allen green cue. Case worth 500 cue worth 350. I need 600. ***********NO TRADES********** Case was just used to store this cue. Used cue a few times and unfortunately have to part with them. Case still has cover and has been store...
  2. desertshark

    looking to buy some junk cues

    Hey all. Looking for old beat up broken or otherwise useless cue butts. Any condition considered, cheap as possible.
  3. desertshark

    Phoenix 9-ball men's leagues???

    Is there one? Can somebody direct me to where to find one? Tried TAP website, BCA website and there isn't any info on how to join or who to talk to unless I'm missing it...? Thanks.
  4. desertshark

    cue question (not what you think)

    So I know a titlist is an old Brunswick cue with veneered points. A titlist conversion is the old Brunswick cue cut and a joint added to make a 2 piece. A fancy titlist is the conversion that's been bedazzled with ivory or MOP pieces. What's a tribute titlist? Is it based on the colored...
  5. desertshark

    Old tables from years past question

    Watching Minnesota Fats vs UJ Puckett play 7&9 ball on a Gandy which I imagine was a good table for its day. The pockets look buckets!! When did tight pockets become the norm in pool?
  6. desertshark

    playing "down" to your opponent

    I'm having an issue with this. I play league and when I'm practicing with my better team mates, I play a good game. When I start a match, if I win the break I can usually break and run or get real close. My issue is when I watch my opponent shoot, if they are skilled lower or have a rough few...
  7. desertshark

    any interest in trade for a Stratocaster?

    Deal made!
  8. desertshark

    Table size question

    Used search function, couldn't find what I was looking for. Have the opportunity to get an 8' Connelly table for free. It needs a set up, cloth and rails. I'm opting for Sim cloth and Accu rails. I play on 9' tables when I'm out with friends and 7' tables in league. I don't notice a big...
  9. desertshark

    $-$-$-$ WTB Action cue $-$-$-$

    My son just got interested in pool. He wants an Action Inlay #12. (Well he want something more this is his starter cue :) ) PM me.
  10. desertshark

    Cue ID Help

    My bartender up north came across this and it totally has me stumped. Looks like a 70's titlist made by Palmer, but Im not sure. The joint is a brass 5/16-14 piloted, the butt appears to be ivory. No other markings The shaft and but have 230 stamped on them BUT the 3 is upside down and not a...
  11. desertshark

    Joss N7 feeler.

    Have one in mint condition with the Joss 12.75mm factory shaft with Kamui super soft black tip. Shaft hardly used. Also have a BDCues SS360 shaft 12.75mm with Tiger Sniper tip. Shows a bit of age, but taken care of meticulously. No dings, no wobbles, no bull $h!t Reasonable offers considered...
  12. desertshark

    tips on tip tools?

    Looking at the Joe Porper tipping tool. It actually looks like Pandora's box. I would like to do my own tips because I am going to be trying out different ones pretty often and don't want to pay the install price every time. If not this tip tool, what works good?
  13. desertshark

    vaneers, points, windows and a hoppe... oh my

    I am looking for a cue that has at least 3-4 vaneers, sharp points, vaneered windows, inlays and a hoppe ring. I don't recall ever seeing one and am interested in pics please. Or info on where to find one to see if its been made.
  14. desertshark

    WTB 4x8 or bigger for storage.

    Like the Poison 4x8's but anything that big or bigger will work. Looking to spend under $100 (new Poison is about $90 delivered). Just for storage so doesn't need to be perfect just nice and protective.
  15. desertshark

    thinking of converting a play cue...

    I have a Falcon BS7 with a 13mm shaft that's original to the cue. I want to put a white diamond tip on it and making it a dedicated break cue. Is there anything else to it? I've broke with it previously in a pinch and had no issues with the ferrule so would it be a bad idea to tip it and break...
  16. desertshark

    ** Needed** Pechauer Joint Protectors

    Need the jps for a Pechauer. Thanks all.
  17. desertshark

    new cues review

    Dale Perry bacote/maple- Picked it up off eBay for a very reasonably cheap price because I wanted to try a radial joint cue. It shows up with a certificate of authenticity which was a nice touch. I did notice first off, the points were not as I thought from the pics. I am a Sharp point fan, but...
  18. desertshark

    Helmstetter cues

    I am possibly picking up one on trade but quickly realized I don't know much about them. This one is an aged maple with a darker wood of unknown origin for points. Has Helmstetter in between the points and other than that, a get plain cue. The joint threads have some aging on them and there is a...
  19. desertshark

    LTB---*OLD* Pechaur

    Must be late 90's early 2000's series. Black points with white inlays. Don't have model number but looking to buy close of the cue I used to own. Condition doesn't really matter.
  20. desertshark

    radial shaft question

    I'm looking for a radial shaft. Most of the sites I've seen don't just say radial. Pechauer, Cuetec, uniloc, 3/8-10.... What would work on a radial?