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  1. soyale

    joint protector holder

    a thin piece of leather and a hole punch aughta do the trick
  2. soyale

    I assume the AZBilliards Sportsbook is dead?

    Same here
  3. soyale

    Break and run out fargo says a 400 player runs out 1% of the time, a 500 player 5%. they dont specify on the higher rankings, but for 600 they say “Has run three-in-a-row multiple times and maybe four-in-a row a time or two.” 5% = 1/20, which sounds about right for me, maybe even a...
  4. soyale

    Standardize Cue Ball Weights !

    no idea if its true, but ive heard before the “elasticity” of the ball will sometimes make it play heavy/light despite being the same weight as any other cue ball. my understanding is this is why people feel they can get “more draw” with a red circle cue ball, because its actually bouncing off...
  5. soyale

    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    it can be fun to take advantage of those goofy rules until somebody actually gets heated about it. Things like roll up no-rail snooker safeties, their-ball-first one pocket takeouts, and pushouts whenever you want, to name a few. its also fairly amusing to let them run down their group while...
  6. soyale

    When playing/practicing with a lower skilled player - Do you change your strategy?

    my lady gets annoyed at having to kick over and over again so i generally just go all out offense with her. only time i can think of letting up. she actually beats me fairly often this way, she is a naturally talented player, but doesnt give a shit about pool. after a couple failed attempts to...
  7. soyale

    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    People hate being wrong and really hate being told they are wrong. Usually this results in doubling down on their beliefs resulting in outright stubbornness to learn something new
  8. soyale

    May "Caption This" contest

    the lion sleeps tonight
  9. soyale

    2023 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    Nothing too remarkable but its my new personal best, 11 balls on the 1p bih ghost. No need to record it, just wanted to share with someone. Hope to get to 15 soon.
  10. soyale

    Does a pushout require CB/cue tip contact?

    Sometimes if there is a “complying break” rule that isnt met, there is no pushout, and the opponent has the option to play it or give it back
  11. soyale

    Gorst-Chohan Updates?

    thanks dude great insight
  12. soyale

    Gorst-Chohan Updates?

    i hope they put this one on youtube eventually
  13. soyale

    one pocket tournament

    i didnt realize it was a standard rule, ive just never heard of it. i dont have any better solutions
  14. soyale

    one pocket tournament

    3 balls in the kitchen? That is some goofy stuff
  15. soyale

    Tip-Tapper Tool Discussion

    thanks so much, sorry if i misquoted you. I didnt realize the difference between a tapper and a pick. Keep up the good work
  16. soyale

    Tip-Tapper Tool Discussion

    i have one of @pooldawg8 milk duds and he mentions not to use a scuffer or tip tapper on his tips. Pooldawg can you chime in with your reasons, and also how you would suggest dealing with the tip when it starts to miscue? I love these tips btw, im on my third one. Might have to order more...
  17. soyale

    One pocket question?

    I feel a huge part of the game is playing low percentage shots as long as they are safe or free. A few stragglers are bound to leak in given enough time and shots. The funny thing is sometimes its better to not make the ball and leave it hanging
  18. soyale

    Bar table specialists

    stating the obvious but for us low level players the minimized distance on a bar box definitely makes things easier. However, i think pocket size makes things even easier than the smaller table. my personal bests in all disciplines have been on a 9’ gandy with home depot buckets, but i feel...
  19. soyale

    tip swap…. gone wrong???

    it’s a @pooldawg8 milkdud
  20. soyale

    dyed my linen wrap

    looks good bruce!