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  1. gogg

    Recommended Cue for League Play

    Can’t count the times I have seen people come up to cues (leaned on a case as well as once actually “standing” out the top of a case) and go rummaging around. lots of “off the street”have ZERO idea that it is a personally owned cue. just didn’t have a hand attached, don’t ya know
  2. gogg

    How do you have your table marked?

    Head and foot spot, diagonal line from second diamond on head of table to opposite corner. (marked after cloth got old n worn) I do a lot of drills here. love eight ball the most, and play one pocket quite a bit.
  3. gogg

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    The bridge hand freaks me out
  4. gogg

    Larry Nevell

  5. gogg

    Ob shafts

    I appreciate the responses !
  6. gogg

    Ob shafts

    Blanks? What exactly do you mean? (Not being a smart ass,just wanting clarification...unturned? Undrilled? Not collar? ) From OB Cues?
  7. gogg

    Ob shafts

    Fabulous, I would like to have a shot at it....price?
  8. gogg

    Larry Nevell

    Sweet, and even a computer dunce like me can do it
  9. gogg

    Larry Nevell

    Spelling sucks! But he was very impressive
  10. gogg

    Larry Nevell

    I have been watching some YouTube of Larry playing.... Lordy! I LOVE his playing. Never saw him play, heard the name, but never caught the “show” so to speak. Just literally a badass
  11. gogg

    Cueball tip location

    Out on the veeerrrry end...😁
  12. gogg

    Ob shafts

    Looking for 3/8/10 classic, or classic pro shafts... anybody got em?
  13. gogg

    It's "Caption This" time again.

    From outta the shadows…..
  14. gogg

    Babe Ruth

    As an aside, the movie about “The Babe” with John Goodman was one of the best telling of this guys life.. He lived BIG
  15. gogg

    Babe Ruth

    1974 was pretty awesome as well.... seemed like life (music anyway) peaked about ‘76
  16. gogg

    SJM at the 2022 World Games

    Always good to see the “big boys” lined up to lag, and see you on the rail .... Another friend through the intarr- Webses that you already know even though you,ve never even met...
  17. gogg

    Can I see your pool table lights?

    .that is sweeeeeeeet
  18. gogg

    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Playing Off The Rail mentioned that he did Aikido....boxing is cool to hear too. a man of many aspects!
  19. gogg

    Ft. Worth Billiards store

    Stopped in when going through, a while back. fantastic shop!
  20. gogg

    Update on forward balanced cue questions...

    I like the way you think Sir! I also built a “tester” although I didn’t have as graceful a design as yours. Took an old (cheap-chit) mizerak that I liked the slim handle of, and cut at a joint,added a weight, reglued.. Made a nice bit of difference, and then added a joint to make it break in the...