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  1. youloudmouth

    Jerimy Chambers

    If it’s the same number from about eight years ago I have it. I’ll try again. I just didn’t want to blow up his phone. Thanks for replying
  2. youloudmouth

    Jerimy Chambers

    Anyone know if he’s still doing table work? He worked on my gc2 about 8 years ago table played amazing after. I’ve moved from near Joliet Illinois to indaina about two hours away. I purchased a converted 10’ Brunswick Centennial carom table from a really close friend and was hoping he could do...
  3. youloudmouth

    WTB slug Dr

    Looking for slug Dr for 8 ball rack
  4. youloudmouth

    WTB Schon no wrap

    call or txt 630-918-9373 Thanks Dan
  5. youloudmouth

    Unchalked retired Predator 99-5

    Still has sticker on butt. comes with two never chalked pre cat 314 shafts. extra shaft was purchased with cue. will take offers or trade for a Schon prefer wrapless. you can see the cue on Predators site. mine has same inlays with different colors than the one they pictured. please have...
  6. youloudmouth

    ltb schon or a preadtor sp with z2

    been looking for either cue.
  7. youloudmouth

    WTB used uni-loc z2

    I have been wanting to try one. my cue is 5k2 has black collar with thin silver ring,, Thanks Dan
  8. youloudmouth

    wow what can i say
  9. youloudmouth

    wtb 314 2 fat shaft for uni-loc

    hello looking for 314-2 fat shaft for uni loc with sliver ring. not really looking for new one, its going on a cue i don't use much
  10. youloudmouth

    Adams cue ID

    Can anyone tell me if Adams made in the 70s didn't have a name or logo on them. Thank you
  11. youloudmouth

    Predator p2 or a custom downey

    Two local guys have cues for sale a Predator p2 or a custom Downey dcc028 Same price on both. Downey has two shafts. Wish i could meet them at a pool hall but they live to far apart. Witch will hold value better, kind of hit . I have no idea. Any thoughts appreachated
  12. youloudmouth

    WTB Predator Sport break cue

    Looking for a used Predator Sport break cue 630-918-9373
  13. youloudmouth

    on craigslist today near chicago gc 1
  14. youloudmouth

    thought you guys might get a kick out of this
  15. youloudmouth

    cue tip install near joilet ill

    looking for a cuemaker for a couple of repairs and tip changes near joliet ill thanks
  16. youloudmouth

    The secret to life

    I think i figured it out everybody loves pool 24 7 like us good drink good friends good health busy mind??
  17. youloudmouth

    looking to id this cue ferrel

    Hello my buddy had a cue he played with as a teen and the ferrel broke many years ago Im looking to buy a new one or covert it to a better shaft Ill try and post the pictures please bear with me Im new at this. thanks
  18. youloudmouth

    Ferrel Id

    can any one tell me where to get a screw on ferrel to fit this cue it's my buddys and its sentimental to him
  19. youloudmouth


    test test test
  20. youloudmouth

    changing sights on gold crown 2

    Hello everyone new to azBilliards love this forum. I'm a mechanic by trade(heavy equipment)so i can relate to what its like to give it your all all day to pay the bills just to have my friends and there friends think that i should work on everything they own for free all the time.Not to mention...