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  1. Chesscat


    Did the Lion toast JJ 5-0? Also, Lion vs. Robocop in finals, two best 1-pocket players in the world.
  2. Chesscat

    Alex Pagulayan and Qatar World Championship

    Noted snooker player Alex Pagulayan stated on his blog - "June 24, 2014 Playing in Qatar in the World Championships. Playing hard and looking for some good results." I didn't see his name as a participant in the just held 9-ball championships, won by Neils. Is Alex playing in a snooker...
  3. Chesscat

    Alex Pagulayan and the Australian Open Qualifier 2014

    If Alex is #3 again, he will face Ian Glover in match 28.,00.pdf That match is Saturday 10 am Zulu time, 5 am here on the East Coast.,00.pdf Appears Ian Glover is playing in the Wuxi Classic...
  4. Chesscat

    Australian Open Qualifier 2014

    If Alex is #3 again, he will face Ian Glover in match 28.,,13165~180669,00.pdf That match is Saturday 10 am Zulu time, 5 am here on the East Coast.,,13165~180670,00.pdf Appears Ian Glover is...
  5. Chesscat

    Wuxi Classic 2014 Qualifiers

    As esteemed contributor Boro Nut points out, the Wuxi Classic Qualifiers begins this Saturday, May 24th, in the same venue as the just finished qualifiers, and with numerous available "top-up" player spots. So Alex will most likely be in snooker action again this Saturday...
  6. Chesscat

    Giving up the 9

    A friend of mine told me a guy was giving Ronnie Alcano the 9 playing 10-ball, I didn't believe it. Now I do. His name is Jericho Banares. And then there's Jeff "Baba" Diaz, who gives Ronnie the 9 and drills him 23 to 8...
  7. Chesscat

    Keith vs Efrren 34 - Efren taking a drag on a cigarette - don't see that nowadays 34:15 - Keith blames cameraman when he misses a shot. Shades of the future (back when pool actually had a sponsor). 34:15 - Check out Efren's shot to make the 7, and get shape on the...
  8. Chesscat

    Corey and Neils

    I've never, ever seen Corey play this bad. Ever.
  9. Chesscat

    Would Corey have had more fun in Mosconi Cup?

    Would Corey have had more fun at the Mosconi Cup, or at the world snooker championship in Daugavpils, Latvia? Or, in other words, what does Vegas have that rivals the Daugavpils Dancers?
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    Marcus Chamat

    Where is Marcus Chamat? Is he still playing pool?
  11. Chesscat

    Joe Tucker Rules

    Great job announcing last night Joe Tucker!
  12. Chesscat

    Corteza on 2

    That looked like a good hit to me!
  13. Chesscat

    Kiamco vs Mika

    Must have been a great match! Did anybody see it? What happened?
  14. Chesscat

    US Open?

    The US Open just played was maybe the greatest tournament every played on American soil. I think the one-pocket was great too. Dennis' expression when he won says it all. But I was wondering, the "US Open" is normally held in Virginia, hosted by Barry Behrman. So, is the US Open that was...
  15. Chesscat

    Biado - US Open ten ball

    Biado beat Travis McKinney "9 - 0", and McKinney had just beaten Scott Frost - did McKinney forfeit against Biado, or just get shellacked? Charlie Williams beat Jayson Shaw 9 to 3 - Charlie can still play even though he is out of the running for Mr. Congeniality. Mika dominated Darryl Peach...
  16. Chesscat


    Orcullo, if he beats Corey again today, is the best one-pocket player in the world! When he beat Shane playing one pocket in their all-around TAR match, people wrote it off as a fluke. Now, here is Orcullo again, demonstrating he is the greatest one-pocket player!
  17. Chesscat

    jpeg image

    What info do I need to give the cuemaker to make it easier for him to set up a jpeg image for engraving on a cue, using a computer-controlled machine? Do most all the cuemakers already know how to do that, or is there something I can do to make it easier?
  18. Chesscat

    9 ball middle short rail

    As I have watched pool over the past 15 years, I have seen this shot as an effective defensive leave. the 9 ball is on the middle of the short rail, and the cue down table, with the possibility of a bank. but the odds are low or making the bank, high on selling out. I have seen Orcollo, or...
  19. Chesscat

    Guatemala tourney

    Does anyone have any info on an upcoming tournament in Guatemala?
  20. Chesscat

    Diana Hoppe

    Diana, Do you have any high-res photos of Pagulayan for sale? Thanks. Chesscat