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  1. KenK

    Dvds for sale

    I have the following DVDS for sale: Dr. Dave Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots 5 DVD Set - $90.00 Included paypal fees and tracking. Dr. Dave Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice 5 DVD Set - sold John Brumback "Bank Pool" - "Secrets of a World Champion" $40.00 OBO All prices include shipping...
  2. KenK

    FS/FT New 29" Predator Z2 shaft

    I received a New 29" Predator Z2 shaft with radial pin via trade a few weeks back with a Predator Roadline LE 4. I'm looking to either sell or trade this shaft for a 30" predator Z2. Please drop me a pm if you are interested. Thanks.
  3. KenK

    WTB: Super Aramith Pro TV Billiard Balls

    I'd take them in used condition but will consider new for the right price. As long as used condition isn't really beat up. I really want the TV pro balls but would likely consider reasonable offers for any in the Super Aramith Pro line. Send pictures of balls and price wanted to...
  4. KenK

    CTE Manual Pivot Questions

    I’ve recently started exploring with the manual pivot for CTE aiming after watching Stans video several times (I focused mostly on the Manual CTE part of the video) and I have questions that I could use some help clarifying. Question 1: I was hoping somebody could explain the logic of the...
  5. KenK

    WTB - Predator Weight Bolt Kit for BK3

    As the title states, looking for a Predator Weight Bolt Kit for a BK3. Please PM me your price. Thanks. Ken
  6. KenK

    WTB Banking With The Beard DVD

    As title states, I'm looking for a current Banking with the beard DVD. Please PM with offers. Thanks in advance. Ken
  7. KenK

    WTB Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets I & II DVDs

    As the title states, I'm looking to buy these two DVDs. Please send me a pm with offers. Thanks in advance. Ken
  8. KenK

    Wtb cte/pro one video

    As title states, I'm looking for a current CTE/ Pro One video. Please PM with offers. Thanks in advance. Ken
  9. KenK

    LTB Predator 3x5 Case

    Looking to buy a Predator case in good shape. Looking for one that holds 3 butts and 5 shafts. Please PM with offers. Thanks.
  10. KenK

    Shout out to Seyberts for their EXCELLENT Customer Service

    I would like to give a shout out for the exceptional customer service I received from Rick at Seyberts. I was waiting for an item to come in stock for close to 6 weeks. During that time frame, I would reach out to Rick for order status updates, and he would always get right back to me the same...
  11. KenK

    100% Committed to Learning TOI

    Committed to Learning TOI Hello – first let me start off by saying I’m relatively new to this forum, just joining last month. I’ve played pool more or less since I was about 10 (30 years). I had a table in our basement growing up and I now have a table in my basement as well. I’ve been doing...
  12. KenK

    For sale •★• PREDATOR 314/2 UNI-LOC •★•

    For sale is Predator Shaft 314-2 Uni-Loc Predator No Collar Asking $180 Shipped CONUS ! ! ! Tip diameter: 12.30 mm Taper: PRO Ferrule length: 6/10" Tip: Kamui Black Soft Joint: Uni-Loc Collar: None Shaft length 29" The cue was bought a year ago and used for one session.
  13. KenK

    For sale •★• POISON VX 2.9 J/B •★• MUST SELL

    For sale is POISON VX 2.9 STRIKER JUMP / BREAK CUE The Poison VX 2.9 Blackbelt pool cue features: VX jump / break cue Black and Grey polyurethane grip 3-piece jump/break cue with bullet joint - unleash your jump shot with one twist Sporty VX embossed bumper Mini Radial joint Shaft Length: 29”...
  14. KenK

    For sale •★• ELITE BREAK CUE •★• CHEAP

    For sale Elite Heavy break cue Asking $75 OBO ! ! ! Tip: 13mm Phenolic Ferrule: Black Phenolic Shaft: 31" Hardrock Maple including the wooden pin 13" pro taper Collar: Black Pin: Wood Forearm: Black Maple Rings: Silver Rings Wrap: Black and White Irish Linen Sleeve: Black Maple Plate: Steel...
  15. KenK

    Looking for some advice on a break cue…

    I’ve read a lot of reviews on the BK2 and a few on the BK3. Can anybody tell me if there are significant differences between them? Is the BK3 that much better then the BK2? Are the differences that noticeable to pay the extra money? Also does anybody know how does the BK break cues compare to...
  16. KenK

    Predator BK2 vs BK3 differences

    Hi, Can anybody help me with a review regarding these two cues? What is the difference between them? Is the BK3 that much better the BK2? Are the differences that noticable to pay the extra money? Im looking to purchase one of these cues but i don't know which one to choose. Thanks!
  17. KenK

    FS – Predator 314/2 shaft

    As the title states. PM me if you are interested.
  18. KenK

    Issue with my break….

    I have a fairly powerful break from the head rail where I can get a good spread on the table however more times than not I don’t seem to be able to make a single ball on the break. I have lost my share of games because of this where my opponent will have a run out. I’m currently using a Poison...
  19. KenK

    Difference between Predator 314 2 and Predator BK2 shafts

    I’m curious what the differences are between Predator 314 2 and Predator BK2 break shafts. I know the tips are different, but is there anything else different structurally speaking? I purchased Predator 314 2 shaft about a year ago and recently bought a 314 2 Z shaft. So I'm no longer using the...