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  1. RoadHustler

    What glue will stick to nylon?

    A friend brought me a Hubler sneaky he had unscrewed the nylon insert out of the thread. He loves the cue just the way it was and the Nylon insert seems in really good shape for its age so when he asked me to glue it back in for him when I was replacing a couple tips for him I said I would try...
  2. RoadHustler

    Digicue blue was pretty awesome

    So I was at the BCA EXPO for the PBIA event this week and I got to look at the Digicue Blue and it was the best thing ever! This is the new one and it has a App for Android and IOS. The app gives you access and control over the data measured by the digi cue blue. It will graph the data over...
  3. RoadHustler

    Isn't Dennis Orcollo from mindanao?

    Hey I was looking through the news and Duarte declared martial law in Mindanao which I thought was Dennis's home state.
  4. RoadHustler

    Great read: pool has returned to Mosul

    Saw this... Its worth reading.
  5. RoadHustler

    Betfred world snooker championship free!

    Hey the world snooker championship is being streamed free on Facebook. You can find it on the world snooker Facebook page. April 15 - 30
  6. RoadHustler

    KasperskyLabs Sponsors Ruslan Chinahov!

    I saw Ruslan wearing a kaspersky labs shirt on the derby city live stream. I thought a pool player with a real non sport sponsor really? So I googled it and this is what I found on the Kaspersky blog. "Now, about the billiards. We’ve got some excellent news!… Not so long ago we started...
  7. RoadHustler

    Going to Cuba

    Hey I'm going to Cuba next month as usual I will be looking for places to play. Has anyone been there? Or know of any rooms I should visit while I'm there. We will be going to Havana, Santiago De Cuba and Barracoa.
  8. RoadHustler

    Bill Schick 1990

    Bill Schick 1990, $9000 no trades. I am helping a friend sell his 1990 Schick cue. If you have any questions I will check in tomorrow. Slideshow Video
  9. RoadHustler

    Random Roku 4 Heads up

    Hey this is just a heads up for folks who don't have a Roku yet the new line just came out and this made all the old generation Roku including the Roku 4 half off ($65) at Walmart. You can use this page to check if its instock at your local store...
  10. RoadHustler

    Is it even possible this is real? He died in 1959 and sharpies weren't invented until 1964... Did people sign balls before permanent pens and if so what did they use Quils?
  11. RoadHustler

    He got the edge on you Earl! LOL

    Mark selby the longest cue in THE WORLD!!! Video
  12. RoadHustler

    Rack Pack Snooker Movie

    The Rack Pack 1/17 I didn't see anyone posting about this so I figured I would. It's going to be on the BBC Iplayer on the 17th. To watch it in the US you will need a VPN and if you visit the Iplayer site without a VPN running they will set a cookie...
  13. RoadHustler

    Mosconi Cup meet up!

    Hey we made a facebook group for people visiting the Mosconi cup who want to hang out. Join us Here is the link... Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  14. RoadHustler

    Mosconi Cup Event

    Hey folks Team USA has a event organized for tomorrow at BallPark Village in St.Louis 601 Clark Ave, St. Louis, MO 63102. If you are going to be in the area don't miss it. For the rest of us the event will be live streaming on Here is the announcement from Mr.Willson: Dec. 2...
  15. RoadHustler

    Who made this thing

    Anyone know who made this cue? Its not signed or labeled the butt cap was glued on by the previous owner. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  16. RoadHustler

    Physics question

    I was wondering about something we all experience at least once and didn't know how to figure it out so I thought I would put it to you folks. Someonewill know the answer ehem Mr. Jewett? If released from straight up and allowed to fall flat on the floor how fast is the tip of a pool cue...
  17. RoadHustler

    Albany Billiard Ball Company

    Found this and figured you folks would enjoy it.
  18. RoadHustler

    Say it ain't so Michela Fired!?!?!

    Michaela Tabb to sue bosses for sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal http://
  19. RoadHustler

    Japanese tournament on ustream

    Ok at first I became interested in this stream because this japanese girl who is kicking ass was wearing a funny costume. But more interesting she is racking with the corner points of the magic rack towards the head string removing some of the obstruction of the shape. and absolutely nailing the...
  20. RoadHustler

    World Artistic Pool Championship

    World Artistic Pool Championship