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    Super billiards expo brackets and streaming

    Brackets at ” “ Not a lot of big names. Shaw, Mora ,Strickland,Morris,sossei” By Saturday there should be some good matches. I saw some good matches in the gambling room. Usually the pool is mediocre , but the excitement is in making the matches. A lot of barking.
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    Who's going to Super Billiards Expo?

    I‘ll be there. I’ll be the guy with the pool stick.
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    Who’s bought a diamond at the super billiards expo?

    Last year $5500 for 7 foot. $7500 for 9 ft. Plus delivery set up $1000 depending on distance
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    SBE exhibitors on Thursday and Friday

    Thursday and Friday are the best days to visit the vendors. Saturday is usually the busiest and most crowded days. Sunday is also slow. Most of the players are gone. You might get a good deal on sunday for some items because vendors don’t want to take item home. The problems is something you...
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    Need some advice on staging an amateur event.

    Where is this? Handicapped?
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    Would love to buy a diamond pool ball cleaner

    Nice looking machine. I guessing a fraction of the cost of ballstar or diamond.
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    If I go will I learn to juggle pool balls. Remember if you are attacked by a group of clowns, go for the juggler
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    Would love to buy a diamond pool ball cleaner

    I worked at different pool halls that had bludworth machines. The inner guide tends to pop up. I looked at ballstar at different pool halls. They work smoothly. I bought one. Took a long time. Everyone was out of stock. Finally got one from pooldawg. I am extremely happy with the performance. I...
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    Who's going to Super Billiards Expo?

    All amature matches are race to 5. Two out of three sets. If a super senior match is tied at one set each they are allowed to take a nap before the third set. The only thing exciting about the money matches is the $$$ being bet. Most of those matches are not really good pool to watch.
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    Who's going to Super Billiards Expo?

    good luck to you. I’ll be there. I will be the guy with a pool stick.
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    Ensuring that 2 players don't split a big purse:

    Stu I agree with what you said in regards to tournaments. There is problem with small local tournaments with calcuttas. Also when two players match up for a cash game. If you and I play for cash with the intent on robbing my backer it is easy to accomplish this.
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    What types of wood are cue butts made of? How do they affect the way a cue hits?

    He said ivory. Was sold. Owner allows maker to take to shows to display. I also 2 cues for sale at sbe for sale, $260k and $140 k. 260 was sold.
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    What types of wood are cue butts made of? How do they affect the way a cue hits?

    I saw a cue about ten years back. Entire butt was made from one piece of ivory. On display at sbe. Maker would not disclose price
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    Useful tip on chalk holders

    TD873 I want one of those
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    Kicking leg on break

    Do you think kicking the back leg out on the break does anything? Are they trying to launch themself into the break?
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    Another free pool book raffle

    Good choices. I need to hear from fisherman Sorry Stu your choice was taken, I still think you should write a book. You always have interesting stories to tell.
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    Another free pool book raffle

    I stand corrected. Varmintking is the winner by 1 point. You get first choice. Since I already told decent dennis and fisherman they already won I will stick with that. All three get a book. Varmintking get first choice. The other two can each get a book. send contact info via pm As...
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    Another free pool book raffle

    Decent Dennis had 71. Decent choice. Pick a booK. Fisherman you are only 2 off also. Each pick a book.
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    Another free pool book raffle

    Bob Jewett not too late to change your mind. some numbers still available. I would like to get together with you next time i visit my son in SF. He recently move to walking distance to the baseball stadium.
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    Another free pool book raffle

    please note some corrections. 52 went to rusty in montanna post 11..58 is measureman