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  1. Jaymeson45

    Predator Bk2 wrapless

    SOLD SOLD SOLD ... predator Bk 2 18.8oz wrapless good shape Please pay PayPal as friends and family or add 4% to cover fee shipped
  2. Jaymeson45

    Southwest style sneaky w/ predator Z-1 shaft 3/8-11 pin

    (SOLD) Southwest style sneaky w/ predator Z-1 shaft 3/8-11 pin SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>Southwest style sneaky w/ original predator Z-1 shaft 3/8-11 pin had this butt made years ago so I did not have to take my southwest to bars... but I could still use my shaft I recently got new shafts so this...
  3. Jaymeson45

    OB-174 Pool Cue (Butt only) retail is $1150

    gone gone gone cue is Brand New .... Joint: Modified 3/8x10 Forearm: Ebony Forearm with 6 Lions Claw White Micarta Points filled with Black Micarta Handle: Black Pig Skin Leather Wrap Sleeve: Ebony Sleeve with 6 Lions Claw White Micarta Points filled with Black Micarta shipped back to ob
  4. Jaymeson45

    Predator limited edition cue #149 of 150

    Predator limited edition cue #149 of 150 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ........this a limited edition cue with radial pin fits revo shaft has a couple battle scars still plays great 15.8oz 6 points $300 shipped
  5. Jaymeson45

    Jim Murnak 2x4 brown leather butterfly case

    SOLD SOLD SOLD.....Jim Murnak 2x4 brown leather butterfly case SOLD SOLD SOLD..... Jim Murnak 2x4 brown leather butterfly case The case is heavy duty with thick leather, strong zippers and carry strap. It does show some slight wear The carry strap was never used. There are two pouches...
  6. Jaymeson45

    Samsara 59.5" bar cue

    CUE IS SOLD.............. samsara 59.5" bar cue uni.lock butt is all black wrapless 30.5" ....15oz shaft is 29" 12.75mm 3.8oz true break shaft was ($275) from samsara has a few nicks breaks amazing fits revo
  7. Jaymeson45

    Ron Thomas 1x2 case

    Ron Thomas 1x2 case sold..... SOLD SOLD SOLD ........Ron Thomas 1x2 case embossed brown leather good shape for age strap in good shape zipper works as it should light wear marks on back
  8. Jaymeson45

    Bk3 with sport wrap new $425

    SOLD SOLD SOLD comes joint protectors & case
  9. Jaymeson45


    Revo SP2 Butt Sold sold sold
  10. Jaymeson45

    Southwest Cue

    Southwest Cue SOLD SOLD SOLD southwest wrapless birdseye & purpleheart 6 point cue with beautiful veneers & ring work Like new only a few hours of play Butt 15.9oz Shaft 3.6oz Diameter 13.15mm $5500 SOLD SOLD SOLD PLEASE CHECK MY FEEDBACK ON EBAY user name Jaymeson45 470 with 100% happy...
  11. Jaymeson45

    John Robinson cue

    SOLD SOLD SOLD John Robinson cue lots of ivory 6 points with ivory diamonds Ivory diamonds in butt & in the joint these cues are becoming hard to find 18.8 .oz shaft 1 is 12.5 mm with Ivory ferrule shaft 2 is 12.4 mm with Ivory ferrule BEST OFFER or text with questions Jayme...
  12. Jaymeson45

    Schon custom

    Sold sold sold
  13. Jaymeson45

    Benson custom cue 59"

    Benson custom cue 19.9 .oz shaft 12.65 butt is 30" $275 paypal fee is on buyer call with questions 612-749-5111 Jayme
  14. Jaymeson45

    Jeff Olney cue

    Jeff Olney cue southwest style pin 19.1oz shaft 12.66mm plays great rolls straight sold sold sold
  15. Jaymeson45

    2015 southwest wrapless w/ matching george case

    2015 southwest Birdseye wrapless ...................................
  16. Jaymeson45

    Southwest pacifier cue

    sold sold sold sold sold
  17. Jaymeson45

    Richard Benson cue

    cue plays great exotic wrap $800 paypal fee's on buyer
  18. Jaymeson45

    Predator Revo 1

    Predator revo 1 brand new never used lowest price on cue $800 shipped feel free to call with questions 612-749-5111
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