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  1. evanlockhart

    Looking for a Predator Ikon1-3

    Would prefer to find one brand new or in very good shape. It doesn't have to have a shaft-would actually prefer it not. I have a brand new, unused Predator SP4RJL or an Ikon1-1 butt to trade unless you're interested in precious metals. Also have cash if a trade doesn't sound interesting Pics...
  2. evanlockhart

    WTB Jacoby Edge Uniloc

    Don't care if it's used or new but I don't want to wait...send me a PM if you have what i'm looking for.
  3. evanlockhart

    Shaft construction that gives it its characteristics

    I'm curious what exactly it is about different types of shafts that gives it certain characteristics. The LD market has exploded and i'm wondering what specifically it is about a shaft that gives it a crisp or soft hit. Why a Jacoby Edge Hybrid with sixty-four precisely engineered veneers plays...
  4. evanlockhart

    Looking for an OB Classic

    Standard length that fits a Uniloc pin. Used or New doesn't matter.
  5. evanlockhart

    WTB OB Classic Pro shaft

    Uniloc only, new or used doesn't matter.
  6. evanlockhart

    WTT Ikon1-1 & SP4RJL butts for an Ikon1-3

    As the title states... I'm looking to trade these two butts for your Ikon1-3. Looking for one in very good condition, not interested in anything else. 1. Predator SP4RJL Purchased this cue a year ago brand new because I needed a new shaft and got a better deal buying a butt with a shaft...
  7. evanlockhart

    Looking for an Ikon1-3 or Predator Hoppe

    I will trade TWO Predator butts for an Ikon1-3 butt or Predator Hoppe butt, but I like things in good condition. See thread here: Will also entertain one butt+cash, or cash only. Only interested in these two models, thanks.
  8. evanlockhart

    Two Predator butts for sale

    Would like to sell these as a package deal. $xxx total shipped if purchased together, $xxx shipped separately. They don't make these anymore! 1. Predator SP4RJL Purchased this cue a year ago brand new because I needed a new shaft and got a better deal buying a butt with a shaft. I've used it...
  9. evanlockhart

    WTT SP4RJL butt for P3 butt/Schon STL6+cash

    I bought this Predator brand new about a year ago to get a cheaper deal on a shaft and haven't used it since. Looking to purchase either a black P3 butt with a leather lux wrap or a Schon STL-6. Will obviously throw in cash to compensate for the difference. Pics of my Pred sneaky can be seen...
  10. evanlockhart

    Mezz dealers?

    Anyone have a contact for one that can get or has a Powerbreak Pro with an H shaft? I know about Mezzcues USA, but I've also seen some sold on here for below retail
  11. evanlockhart

    WTB Mezz Power Break Pro

    Would like to have one with a wrap and an H shaft. If it's brand new, offer something better than retail. Will considered used and without a wrap for the right deal. Thanks! :cool:
  12. evanlockhart

    Have a question about refinishing/rewrapping

    I have an older Lucasi Hybrid LH10. I've completely worn off the rubber wrap, and underneath it is a blue nylon-type material and underneath it is the wood. There are also chips of paint or decal coming off the second (black) layer of the cue. What I was wondering was, how much would it cost...
  13. evanlockhart

    Any Uniloc shafts for sale?

    Looking for a backup, used is fine. Please have an iTrader rating. Would like an LD shaft, don't care too much about the ring work. Please include weight, current tip, pics, how it rolls, etc. Thanks
  14. evanlockhart

    If you ever get something stuck down your case...

    I'm a fan of the Magic Rack and have a decent-sized case, but there's no real place to put the rack without folding it. So I used to roll it around the forearm in a plastic sleeve and stick it in my case. Since the forearm is pointed upwards, my chances of it getting stuck in the case were...
  15. evanlockhart

    Any Ikon-1's available?

    Looking for a FIRST-GENERATION IKON1 or IKON3, nothing else. I would entertain just buying the butt. I have a near-mint Predator Sneaky SPR4J with a linen-wrap and Uni-Loc joint I would consider trading. I also have a Lucasi Hybrid LH40 butt I would consider trading, but the wrap needs to be...
  16. evanlockhart

    Corrective lenses improve your game?

    I've had bad eyesight since I was a freshman in high school, but didn't actually get an eye exam or perscription until seven years later. I remember taking the vision test at the department of licensing and mistaking an "O" for a "D." The clerk said, "close enough!" and gave me my license...
  17. evanlockhart

    AZB, how do you deal with bangers?

    I want to know how everyone on AZB deals with the majority of players you meet in bars. I ask this as a serious question because, I frankly can't stand some of the ignorance, disrespect and lack of pool etiquette i've encountered with some people. Is it ridiculous to want a decent rack if you're...
  18. evanlockhart

    WTB Predator IKON-1 or IKON-3

    Preferably new or slightly used, with a uniloc pin. 19oz. or lighter. Like 314/314-2's, but wouldn't mind a Z2. Does anyone have experience hitting the newer Ikon's to the old? If they're the same, I would be open to the newest models. Also have a Predator Uniloc butt that I would be willing...
  19. evanlockhart

    WTT SPR4JL butt+money for a Black P3 w/ wrap

    Butt has never been used. It is in flawless shape with no dings/dents or scratches. I bought it because I needed another shaft and prefer another cue as my player. SPR4JL has a linen wrap and weighs 19oz. Might consider a Predator Hoppe, 99-1, 2K1, 2K3, 3K1, 4K1, 5K1, 5K3, IKON1 or IKON3, but...
  20. evanlockhart

    TAR still shots on their studio wall

    Anyone know if these are available, particularly for a desktop resolution?