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  1. dlarrick99

    Best glue for ferrules? Devcon 2T still available?

    I used to use Devcon 2 ton for my ferrules. I tried the NEW Home epoxy and I haven't had much luck. It seems like a "watered" down version of the original red & blue bottles. Is the old Devcon 2T still available anywhere? If not, what is the best glue for ferrules? Thanks, Darron
  2. dlarrick99

    wtb: Mahogany Phenolic - Butt diameter

    I have a friend requesting this for a Titlist conversion and only have the joint size, can anyone please help? I'm not greedy but would like to purchase a foot or 2 if you want to sale, any will do though if it matches. (or would purchase matching joint size if you have too) Thank you, Darron
  3. dlarrick99

    WTB: Cortland Linen

    I've got a titlist conversion & I would like Cortland linen on it, I would like it installed too if possible. Is there anyone that installs original Cortland linen?
  4. dlarrick99

    Gold Lettering "Willie Hoppe Titlist"

    Does anyone have any information on when they made the Gold Lettering "Willie Hoppe Titlist" that is stamped on the butt? This one doesn't have the burnt Willie Hoppe signature in the forearm either. (does have the weight stamp so I do not believe the Hoppe signature has been removed) Thanks...
  5. dlarrick99

    Blackwood / Tonal wood

    Have a couple good friends asking for cues made primarily from Blackwood, I've only played with a couple of Blackwood cues and have never been very satisfied with the hit. I will certainly do the research on but would like to know what is the fascination with woods that are "tonal"? If they...
  6. dlarrick99

    Mark ""

    Anyone ever dealt with or heard Mark from ? He is offering an acceptable price on a cue of mine listed on Craigslist (so there is obviously a cautious optimism) Has a website but it apparently has been hacked and is down now per homepage. Thanks, Darron...
  7. dlarrick99

    the LAST Jerry Franklin SouthWest Cue - Ebony South West 382-96 $5000

    Jerry Franklin SouthWest Cue - Ebony South West Sold sold sold
  8. dlarrick99

    FS: McDermott D Series Cue, D7

    McDermott D-7 Cue - $150 shipped $$$120 shipped$$$ lowered price again Red stained Birdseye forearm 17.5 once, 19 with weight bolt (included) 1 shaft, 13 mm - triangle tip Very clean and in good condition for 25 year old cue, shaft does have a slight bobble in the middle. 1 noticeable chip in...
  9. dlarrick99

    WTB: Cuetec 1-piece Housecue House Cue

    I have been searching for one of the old Cuetec 1 piece housecues, 18 oz. (Green) with the clear shaft. I am wanting to make a matching jump butt so it can be broken, as long as the joint area is in tact. Picture is of 1-piece housecue cuetec that was cut, joint installed for a break cue.
  10. dlarrick99

    FS: Alpha Custom House Cue (Tiger leather wrap)

    Alpha Custom housecue for sale: 17oz. - $300 shipped Omega style rings Micarta ferrule, 11.5 mm Tiger stacked leather wrap 3/8-11 Southwest style pin
  11. dlarrick99

    FS: Alpha Custom housecue w/ micarta joint

    Alpha Custom housecue for sale: 19oz. - $325 shipped Reversed points in forearm Yellow Micarta joint Micarta ferrule, 12.5 mm (2) 3-piece Irish linen wraps, black/black & white/black 3/8-11 Southwest style pin
  12. dlarrick99

    FS: Old South West shaft brown mahogany collar

    ***SOLD*** I have an old South West shaft for sale. Shaft has a micarta ferrules. It has a mahogany collar, rolls very straight. 1. Weight is 3.50 oz and 12.0MM. Length is 29 1/4" No International BUYERS!
  13. dlarrick99

    2 South West Shafts for Sale ( Pre-dated )

    ***SOLD*** I have an 2 old South West shafts for sale, I purchased them for another cue in 1995 and ended up using other replacements. Both shafts have micarta ferrules. They have black collars with red veneer rings, both roll very straight. 1. Weight is 3.75 oz and 12.2MM. Length is 29...
  14. dlarrick99

    Any Ergonomic Improvements for cue lathes?

    Does anyone have any modifications they have made to their cue lathe for ergonomic issues? To help make it easier on your hands, fingers, wrists, carpal tunnel Thanks, D
  15. dlarrick99

    WTB: "Double Pointed" House Cues

    I would like to find some "double pointed" house cues. These are the house cues that come to a point at the bottom of the point also. Do not want the ones with the flat at the bottom of the point.
  16. dlarrick99

    FS *** 2002 Alpha Custom Housecue (Muncie, IN)

    *** SOLD pending payment and delivery *** Alpha Custom housecue made in Muncie, Indiana - $225 obo Getting rid of this for a friend. It was made in 2002 and would be a great players cue for someone. It is lightly used, no major nicks or scratches. 1 shaft, ivory ferrule, Moori tip, butt &...
  17. dlarrick99

    FS*** Joe Porper Oval Signature Case 4/8

    4x8 Joe Porper Signature Oval Series Pool Cue Case This Oval Signature Cue Case is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl and features a convenient carrying handle and strap. Its protective, foam-formed interior holds 4 butts and 8 shafts, up to 31" in length. Carry your accessories in the storage...
  18. dlarrick99

    Story on It's George Cases?

    What is the story on It's George cases? Have they started manufacturing them again? in the US? I'm getting flack from 1 member about my prices in the For Sale section who states they you can buy a brand new one on eBay and if you go look, they say they have more than 10 available. I'm...
  19. dlarrick99

    FS ***Custom Jump Cue

    Custom Jump cue (Unknown maker) for sale. Asking $100 shipped Description: (from butt end) Brown linen phenolic butt plate with silver ring Black pearlescent ring thin brown linen phenolic ring Purpleheart housecue wood Black & brown Irish linen wrap 4 Purpleheart housecue points in maple...
  20. dlarrick99

    FS *** Omega/dpk - Kersenbrock shafts

    I have 1 Omega/dpk & 2 Kersenbrock shafts that I have purchased over the years for sale. 1. Omega/dpk plain black ring shaft - 3/8-14 thread - ivory ferrule, unknown layered tip - *** SOLD *** 2. Kersenbrock white linen window ring shafts (Qty.2) - 3/8-11 thread - ivory ferrules, unknown tips...