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    The funeral for my only daughter, was today at 11:AM. She is gone, but not forgotten.

    Please excuse me if I make a few mistakes in this post. I wish to thank all of the AZB family members that said a prayer, gave condolences, kind words, and thoughts to me and my family. I had some tears in my eyes today. I am much better now though. A lot of family members and friends turned...
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    How are Player Cues? I purchased a Player 508 cue last night, with a Joe Porper case?

    The cue shoots very well and the case holds one butt and one shaft. And the case is tan and looks like snake style to me. I did not take any photos yet. Have you played with a Player 508 cue before? Just trying to find out if I paid too much for it and the case. I paid a little less than a...
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    Wow! AZBilliards main forum is so beautiful now.... The Pool forum of the world!

    I logged into AZBilliards main forum today and it was beautiful. All kind of different colors. This is the Best Pool Forum in the world. I already loved AZB, but now it is more than love. Thank you, Mr. Mike, Mr. Jerry, and Mr. Wilson, for such a wonderful pool site. Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    If you call a hard shot and the ball goes into the pocket, why is it luck?

    Meaning, you shot a hard bank, kick, cut, or long shot and you make it people watching say you made a lucky shot. How could it be luck when you called the shot? Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    Mr. CJ Wiley, questions and answers thread, ask what you want to know?

    Any questions for Mr. CJ Wiley will be answered in this thread. Pool related, and other questions will be answered by Mr. CJ, himself! the captain of the USA Mosconi cup pool team. He teaches pool good too. thanks. Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    I promised JoeyA, that I would not post anything about him on AZBilliards. So, it is up to the AZB family to post whatever they want to post about, Mr. JoeyA........ He is a pool player, pool commentator, and teacher of pool! Now that is not posting anything about JoeyA. Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    Buffalo Billiards, tournament yesterday had 51 players, with Calcutta and all!

    The tournament is a once a month first Saturday of the month handicapped 9 ball tournament, With a high dollar Calcutta. This event is for A and B pool players only. Lock N Load cannot play in it. Their were 51 players in the tournament. It went down to the final 4 players and 3 of the 4 players...
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    Mr. CJ Wiley, is live and living color on AZBilliards, the worlds pool Web site!

    How great is this? Teaching and sharing secrets with all of us in the AZB family. The USA pool team Captain. ESPN champion, TOI DVD, Bank TOI DVD coming real soon. He is down to earth with all of us here on AZB. Wow! I love that. Thank You, Mr CJ Wiley. Now known as TOI Lock member of the world...
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    Happy Easter to all AZB family, members, fans, Mods, and friends.

    May all things go well for you on this Easter day. Enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has given to you and your families. These wishes go out to all pool players, their families and friends as well. A special thanks go out to Mr. Wilson for his great work on the AZB forum and AZB. Best...
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    Bigtruck is the man, when it comes to pool streaming!

    He does a great job in my opinion! He is easy to get along with. And has a lot of class. I forgot to buy him a beer last after night we played 9 ball. But JoeyA bought him one. I watched part of the stream tonight with Cliff Joyner playing Brandon Shuff, One Pocket. I like the way Bigtruck is...
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    I played Bigtruck some pool last night, he plays pretty good 9 ball!

    Bigtruck Came to Buffalo Billiards, the worlds pool hall last night. We played a little 9 ball on the big Diamond tables. He brought Brandon Shuff with him. Their were a lot of heavy hitters in the worlds pool hall last night. Including a guy named Shane Manaole. Ronnie wiseman, Richie...
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    Who is your favorite pool players of all times, and why?

    Meaning, Just as the thread subject states. Who is your favorite pool players of all times. I have more than one player that I like. You can have more than one favorite pool player of all times too! Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    Do you play better pool after a long time of playing or a short time of playing pool?

    Meaning, when you are playing a match does it take you a long time to get in stroke and play good or a short time to get in stroke and play good pool. And why is this? I think I play better up front quick into the match or set. Because I think a lot about what I am doing while playing the...
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    Do you offer or try to help other pool players to improve their pool game?

    Meaning, if you see someone wanting to try to learn to shoot better pool do you offer to help them? I get a lot out of helping pool players to improve their pool game. Even if they are just beginners or if they shoot good pool already. If I can show them something to better their pool game I try...
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    If pool had a Super Bowl, who would you want to play in it?

    What pool players would you want to see play in a pool Super Bowl? Someday there might just be a Super Bowl for pool and pool players all over the world! Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    How much did you miss, AZB while the site was down?

    Wow! No, AZB. That was what I said the other day when the page said not available! I was lost in space without AZB main forum. I hope they did not count the times I went looking for the AZB forum on the World Wide Web! I am sooooo glad they are back. AZB, I really missed you........ Thanks for...
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    The World Class AZBilliards forum is running so much better everyday!

    Meaning it is going along real smooth on a daily bases now more than ever. I see a lot of real nice pool related post and threads. It warms my heart to see the AZB family of World class pool players getting a long so good! This is truly wonderful. I love it. Even when I am working and take my...
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    What is your pre game procedure for a big pool match?

    Procedure, meaning your warm up or getting in stroke things that you do before the pool match? I like to throw the balls out on the table and just hit the balls. If the match is 9 ball. And if it is one pocket, I like to put all of the balls on the table and shoot them all in one pocket. Thanks...
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    When you focus, do you shoot and play better pool?

    Meaning, When you focus on exactly what you are doing in a pool game or practice, do you play and shoot shots better? Play position better, and play better safe shots? Focus and playing a little slower on shots might just make you play pool better!!! Many Regards, Lock N Load.
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    What key ways will you try to improve your pool game for 2013?

    Meaning, what are you going to do to improve your pool game for this New Year? I am going to practice even more this year! Banks, kicks, and hard shots are all I practice, a little more cue ball control too. Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your input. Many Regards, Lock N Load.