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    Do you have one in mind?

    Do you have one in mind?
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    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Dec 7 2007 join date
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    Any Interest in a Meucci HOF 4 Series 2 ??

    95 Series M-12 with two "pre-dot" shafts. Original tips on shafts, shafts are standard Meucci diameters. Card suit is clubs. Cue has been played, some surface imperfections as seen in photo's. The cue is 95% or better in my opinion. This sale includes a Whitten one by two case that has some...
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    Meucci 97-28 Cameo Pool Cue

    This is now a discontinued cue from Meucci. One shaft chalked, only two racks played with this cue. Cue is in excellent condition, used but extremely clean. Straight with either shaft. This is my wife's cue, treated like a baby. Price drop to SOLD shipped and insured. Paypal accepted, 5% for...
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    Palmer Model 3 1st Catolog

    Here is my Palmer model 3 that I am considering putting up for sale if there is any interest.
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    Palmer 1st Catalog Model 3

    Here is a pristine Palmer Model 3 I have for all you Palmer lovers………
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    %%%% tascarella for sale %%%%

    $$$$ Tascarella for sale $$$$ deleted……………….
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    $$$$$ Lee Peppers Full Splice Cue $$$$$

    I had Lee build this for me in 2009. It is a Prather full splice blank with straight maple. As I recall it is rosewood. Stainless steel joint, two 30 inch shafts, pro taper, both are 12.75MM with Moori medium tips. This is a 60 inch cue, 30 inch butt, 30 inch shafts. One shaft is played, one...
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    Full splice lee peppers cue

    I have been reading the threads regarding Lee and his troubles as well as the members troubles with him and his shop. Got me to thinking of the cue I had Lee build for me in 2009. It is a Prather full splice blank with straight maple. As I recall it is rosewood. Stainless steel joint, two 30...
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    ***** FS Tascarella 4 pointer

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    WTB a case for the bride

    Looking for a 1X2 case that will satisfy a verrrrry picky woman....... what is out there?
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    WTB a Meucci Camero cue

    Looking to buy a Meucci Cameo. Found one, Thanks to all ...........
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    Rare one of a kind hard to find Tex Cue

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    Thuya Burl, Ivory Joint Tex Cue

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    1960's cue up for Sale.

    This cue is from the 1960's, This may be a Gandy. Also told it may have been bulit by Cervantes. I don't know. I sent this cue to Manwon for a refinish and to make a second shaft. The butt is full splice, they used stripped ebony, it is solid, not cored. The original shaft is 12MM, 28 3/8". new...
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    LP CUSTOM, 60" full splice with leather wrap

    This was made from a Prather blank. Took Lee about seven months to make this one. Two shafts, 12.75 MM each. Shafts are 30", butt is 30", steel joint, no Ivory. Beautiful leather wrap. I'm using Lee's photo's as they are better than mine. One shaft has been played, lightly..... Weight with...
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    Lp custom & unknown........

    I put these up in the NPR, bringing over where they should be. Please use the link to look at the cue pictures and comments on what I now believe to be an early Gandy, Feel free to PM any questions.... <EDIT> Now offering the LPCUSTOM at $800.00 shipped.......... As Lee has posted, the LP cue...
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    A merry Christmas wish for ridinda9

    Deleted wrong thread..............
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    Cue refinish by Manwon

    I had my cue refinished by Craig and I could not be more satisfied with the result. He also made me a second shaft that matches perfectly. If you are looking for someone to do refinish work or build you a new cue, you cannot go wrong with this Gentleman. His pricing for his work is extremely...
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    Anothe cue to ID

    A friend of mine bought this cue. It apears to be well made, nice woods. Any ideas of who made it?