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    Digicue Blue question about parameter "Finish"

    No problem, I am exciting about the discussion, all information is pretty good, I can't understand all perfectly because my English is not perfect, but I love any kind of information about pool. Thank you very much all people for your replies.
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    Digicue Blue question about parameter "Finish"

    I bought a digicue blue one year ago; I have good results in all parameters, except the finish, it's the most challenging parameter for me; I know that I have a little elbow drop, maybe for it, I have a bad result? If I drop my elbow after contact with the cue ball?? It's most difficult to...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my name is Sergio, I'm 44 from Spain and I love playing pool, learning, watching and I have a club in my city Segovia.