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  1. jeffreylucky1

    Wood or carbon?

    The Emerald Ash Borer may make that decision for them sooner than later. All of my ash trees are dead and many manufacturers (Fender guitars recently announced no more ash) can no longer source ash.
  2. jeffreylucky1

    Does anyone recognize this McDermott cue?

    The D4 was my first "real" cue and I bought it new. I actually ordered it and had to wait a short time for it. It has helped me win a lot of money and several tournaments back in the day. Nobody in their right mind would pay me what it is worth to me in sentimental value. While the D16 has...
  3. jeffreylucky1

    Do Quality Tips like Zan’s Dry Out After 3-4 Years Sitting In A Cue Case?

    I would think so, as long as the temperature is regulated. Humidity is relative and the air holds less humidity as the temperature drops. That is why the air is dryer when it's cold.
  4. jeffreylucky1

    Do Quality Tips like Zan’s Dry Out After 3-4 Years Sitting In A Cue Case?

    It depends on humidity. A cigar will quickly dry out if stored below 65% humidity but will remain fresh and age well if stored at 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Leather is also organic and subject to relative humidity.
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    What do you do when you're lost?

    THIS^^^ Look at your shot. Line it up. Step into your shot! Don't line up while down on the shot. Step into it after you line up! If you feel off, step away, line up again, and step into your shot again! Watch older videos of Earl Strickland when he's on his game. He is the perfect...
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    'Hairy Onniversary" - Jill Hawk Cue Case

    Another beauty! Thanks for sharing!
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    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    I had one that was made by Player (exotic series) that worked well and now have one that was custom made by Doug Moore. I can't tell any difference in their effectiveness. I was jumping right away with both of them with surprising accuracy. It is definitely the tip that makes the most...
  8. jeffreylucky1

    Phoenix Rising

    Wow! That case is a beauty!
  9. jeffreylucky1

    Jill Hawk Custom Case, Leg-O-Mutton

    Another sharp case! Do they have a website? I'm curious about pricing.
  10. jeffreylucky1

    2222 custom case for Mike

    Looks great!
  11. jeffreylucky1

    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    I have my pool table, a golf simulator and a bar in a garage I built as a man-cave. It is 30'x50' and the ceiling are about 20' high. I was afraid I wouldn't have enough light for the pool table, so I hung more lights than needed. They are LED and dimmable. When on 100%, they are BRIGHT! I'm...
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    Just a little...finished up...

    Looks great!
  13. jeffreylucky1

    Jill Hawk Custom Case, Leg-O-Mutton

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  14. jeffreylucky1

    Whitten 2x4

    That's a sharp case!
  15. jeffreylucky1

    He asked for help,I tried but.........................

    Your friend is what I like to call an "Ask-hole". 🙄 An "Ask-hole" is someone who asks for advice and then does it another way. 😆😆😆
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    Does anyone recognize this McDermott cue?

    It may be an EB7
  17. jeffreylucky1

    Does anyone recognize this McDermott cue?

    The only McDermott cues I see command much money are D series and older, which this is clearly not. I have a D4 and D16, and even the D16 isn't worth all that much for what it is. While that cue probably plays fine, I would guess the value at less than $100. I think McDermott cues are...
  18. jeffreylucky1

    Would you go two tables or not??

    This is another reason I have my table in a detached garage now! I used to call it a "shit-on" because everyone always piled their shit on it!
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    JB Rugged 3x6 case f/s......

    I own one of these cases in a 4x6. If you are on the fence about buying one, I recommend them! It is the best protection for my cues that I've ever seen in a case. Especially at this price-point....