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    Selling cues safely?

    Whatever else you do, buy an appropriate amount of insurance for the cue and whenever you ship, do it with a tracking number and in a manner where the buyer has to sign for it. If you don’t already have your money up front, doing these things won’t solve that problem but they can take care of a...
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    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    The best way to address this issue is for the bar owner to put up a large poster near or at the tables entitled ”Mandatory House Rules” that starts out something like this: - The rules of play for any games played in an organized league in this establishment are governed solely by the rules of...
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    What Is Up With Master Chalk?

    I’ll second the folks who have had this issue and gone to Taom. My whole hand would turn blue after an extended session on my home table. I switched to Taom and I have only cleaned my table once in about 3 or 4 months and it didn’t need it then. And the Taom lasts forever. You pay $18 or so for...
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    Goodbye APA, it's been fun...

    Yes to all of the above.
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    Garczar's health update...................

    That’s wonderful news. Best of wishes for you in the future and may you have many break and runs!
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    I can now draw trajectories of pool balls in a video clip!

    This is really cool. I hope Dr. Dave, Sharivari, and the other instructors that are into video graphics show an interest. Really impressive.
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    An artistic billiards competition

    Very impressive. I have to say I like this better than the typical (American?) artistic pool competitions where they end up using props like cue sticks, racks, pill bottles, etc. It just gets to gimmicky for me although, I’ll admit, I gotta love a good boot shot. This is really cool.
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    Adjusting to different tables

    Thank you. Good to keep in mind.
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    Adjusting to different tables

    Fran, would you mind elaborating a little and maybe giving an example or two of what you mean?
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    Earl runs 130 with in-play commentary

    This kind of extended commentary is really good. I’m just trying to get started in straight pool and the little tips like when the break ball is higher up on the rack, you don’t need to worry as much about the angle is really helpful. Niels has a good straight pool video also.
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    APA Double Hit Rule

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    APA Double Hit Rule

    I was an APA referee in Vegas 18 months or so ago. They advised us at the referee meeting that when we were called on to judge a potential double hit in this situation that, prior to the shot, we were to explain to the shooter that they could reduce but not eliminate the possibility of a double...
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    BCA Hall of Fame discussion

    Your post illustrates the problem of assessing the relative merits of the “action oriented” type player such as Keith vs. the more “tournament oriented” type players. Tournament players have well documented results that enable observers to assess their career by looking at their number of...
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind.
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    Good tip and, on a related note, I’m already thinking of getting another triangle. The one I have now has big, pointed corners that are large enough when I set it in the usual location, if I set a ball on top of the rack on it’s corner (yeah, it’s big enough for that), it’s clear that if the...
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    I wasn’t looking to do a chalk line but it’s a good tip. Thanks.
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    Yep, tape measure all the way. Thanks.
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    Gentlemen, thank you both for the input. Sounds like I’m about ready to go. Thanks.
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    Complete table markings for straight pool

    So I’m getting ready to jump into straight pool and just wanted to make sure I am correct on the standard table markings. It’s a bit harder to find a diagram on Google than I thought. Anyway, these are the markings I’m aware of: - Outline of the triangle, on the outside of the rack; - Straight...