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  1. Tim5000

    Cue Makers in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati?

    I have been away from the billiard world for 10 years, getting back into it now. Used to go to Dick Neighbors but I guess he's gone now? Can someone suggest a good cue maker in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area? Thanks!
  2. Tim5000

    PLEASE stop inventing new racks ! ! !

    Don't we have enough variations on the rack already? Why do these people keep re-inventing the wheel? Give me a break $119 ???
  3. Tim5000

    is earl still playing with gulassy cues

    While Terry is on the subject ...
  4. Tim5000

    9 Ball Rules Question

    Probably a stupid question but I took about 15 years off from pool and gambling so I forgot some of the terminology... If someone gives you the 7 for example, does that mean you win by pocketing any of the last 3 balls (7, 8 or 9) Or does it just mean the 7?
  5. Tim5000

    AZB forum member pictures

    I swear I thought that was Monica Webb when I first looked at it! Photo of Monica Webb from Inside Pool Magazine
  6. Tim5000

    AZB forum member pictures

    Heirovision... Cute picture of your dog chewing on that toy. It reminded me of this one...
  7. Tim5000

    IPT Match Not Available

    Anyone else have trouble getting the IPT page to come up. I've been trying for 20 minutes. It worked fine earlier, I guess their servers can't handle the huge amount of billiard fans? The problem's not on my end, their home page partially opens then freezes. I already registered earlier today.
  8. Tim5000

    new guy saying hi... and a question.

    Welcome Bob. Now you just need to find an avatar. Rodents seem to be pretty popular here, but most of the good ones are already taken; Dramatic Prararie Dog, beer-drinking squirrel, and of coures my Cuetec-eating beaver (I know beavers aren't rodents) Anyway good luck and here are a couple of...
  9. Tim5000

    Where did you get your AZ Handle?

    Mine is a hybrid of my first name and a character on Conan O'Brien called 'Pimpbot 5000'
  10. Tim5000

    Contact the pearl

    First Sigel, then Rempe, now Earl? Very Interesting
  11. Tim5000

    Most boring / exciting players to watch

    I know it's been discussed before but... 1. Which player is the absolute most boring player for you to watch. One that makes you want to put a bullitt in your head? Skill level doesn't matter. 2. Which player is the most Exciting / enjoyable to watch Here are my picks... Most boring: Karen...
  12. Tim5000

    Mosconi Cup Online - Not Secure

    I did go to the last page. Here is an actual screen shot that I took.
  13. Tim5000

    Mosconi Cup Online - Not Secure

    Went to the Mosconi Cup site this morning to purchase the online package. I noticed the page where you put in your credit card number is not a secure page i.e., https. So I didn't but it. Thought I would warn everyone to be careful, this type of unsecured order page presents an increased risk of...
  14. Tim5000

    New Elevation Tour - N.A.C.P.B.A. ???

    OK, Thanks Jake!
  15. Tim5000

    What was the first cue you ever owned?

    My first was a 1970's Mali. Had it for 30 years, just recently sold it on ebay.
  16. Tim5000

    Wrap or Wrapless?

    After reading this thread I was surprised how many preferred wrapless playing cues. Which do you prefer? (poll is only for your playing cue, not your break cue)
  17. Tim5000

    Thanks Terry, DCP and everyone else!

    I never knew I would get such a response to my beaver pic! I got so many PM's and so much good rep that I decided to make it my permanent Avatar! Most of all THANK YOU DCP/TRAVIS FOR STARTING THAT STUPID THREAD! I feed them to my beaver
  18. Tim5000

    its offical cuetec sent me a members email

    I feed them to my beaver!
  19. Tim5000

    New direction for the players

    I better not catch you selling my Mutha-Fu***** Shi* on ebay!
  20. Tim5000

    New/updated Jeanette Lee website - very nice.

    Bad Monkey!!!