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    The need for a second / backup shaft

    Have two Revo 12.9 shafts. Weight is within 1/10 of an ounce. While playing this year’s state tournament on concrete, my cue hit the floor & the tip went flying. Played next match with other shaft & won 5-1. We don’t talk about what happened the next match🤣 and it wasn’t due to shaft fault...
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    What Do You Look For in a Pool Instructor

    A pool instructor should be able to see things that his / her student does not.
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    Best Glue For This Repair

    Predator won’t guarantee their work.
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    Turning down a Predator Vantage

    Minimum shaft and ferrule diameter for a Vantage is 12.5mm.
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    Scott Frost's opinion about Predator tables

    The rails are very, very responsive. Does not take much to move the cueball. At first I thought it was way too fast for a 7 ft table. Just took some getting used to is all. I particularly liked being able to go rail first or even 3 rails to pocket a hanging corner ball without scratching...
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    Scott Frost's opinion about Predator tables

    A lot of talk and no substance. Just played in the Wyoming State 8 Ball Championships on Predator tables. They had in the neighborhood of 100 tables set up in the Casper events center. Were they all perfect? No they were not, but the staff made sure any issue was attended to and resolved...
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    Tips for players with a 314 shaft

    G2 Hard
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    VNEA & APA League results entered into FargoRate, anyone doing this? To my knowledge Cheyenne is the only place in Wyoming that is dual sanctioned for VNEA & BCAPL.
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    Easy 8B puzzle! ( taken from a real match )

    Will give this a try when I can. Probably playing the 6 first then the 5,4 & 7 moving the 8 into a more playable position. I like playing safe as I go in these situations as the 8 does provide a little cover on the 12.
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    VNEA scoring question
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    VNEA scoring question

    A called object ball must be legally pocketed after the break to determine stripes and solids. Until then the pocketed balls on the break belong to neither player. The object ball pocketed while making the 8 ball does not count as it was not pocketed legally. The early 8 ball results in a loss...
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    VNEA scoring question

    Have seen this situation before. Player broke & made a ball. On his next shot he made an object ball along with the 8. Score was 10-0 in this situation and should have been with Softshot's. The choice of group is determined only when a player legally pockets a called object ball after the...
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    Best 3 piece slate 7ft table?

    Get the Diamond Professional with 3 piece slate on order asap!!
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    300-600 dollar cue advice

    Bob Dzuricky will build you a nice sneaky pete in your price range.
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    8 ball foul question

    Now getting back to the original question. From the official rules of cuesport international - BCAPL official rules. 1-38 Ball In Hand Placement (also see AR 1-7, Beginning of Game or Match) General Discussion: With cue ball in hand, the freedom to place the ball anywhere on the table does not...
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    8 ball foul question

    This reminds me of a league situation many years ago. This was a VNEA League match when I believe the rules were loss of game scratching on the 8 ball. Two players got into a bit of a safety battle. One of the players (who was on the 8 ball) took his cue & raked the cueball into a pocket...
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    Johnny Archer's fearless jump shot escapes Efren's safety + lets him win the 1993 world 9-ball championship 8 minutes later.

    Wedges would be used if stymies were still around. Kinda the same as a safety in pool.
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    Would you like to belong here? 8-9' Diamond tables. All Free!!

    What does it cost to live there?
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    Predator Men's Event Cancelled, Alberta Canada.

    Take a look at U.S. Open local qualifying in golf. It's not about having a real chance of winning etc. How much prestige is there in tournament pool? There has to be a reason / desire to play in the first place.
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    Cue builders with pins in the shaft

    Roland Becker