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    "make it happen tapes "

    Has anyone who participated in the most recent "make it happen " tournament received their tapes yet? I spoke to Pat on July 25th,and he said it would be 4 weeks. That was more than 6 weeks ago. Thought maybe he lost my address...or they were stolen from my porch. ???
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    Can someone please give me a link to Justin at TAR. I'll be in Vegas Sunday and would like to attend TAR match. The TAR website keeps sending me back to the TAR website...I'm getting a headache...
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    slow play

    What's the best way to handle extremely slow play? It seems even more bothersome when your opponent is a kinda creepy person. I hate to run to the T. D. and snitch, but it definitely takes you out of your rythym...
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    columbia, missouri

    I'm going to be in Fulton Missouri this weekend. I notice on the map that it's near Columbia and Jefferson City. Can anyone tell me if there's any kind of cheap action in that area? I'll be free Fri. night and all day Sat. But doing family stuff on Sunday. Thanks for any help you might offer.
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    DCC question

    Thinkin' about maybe driving to DCC maybe Tues. or Wed. It's a long drive and I was hoping someone might know if there are any big money matches being talked about for sometime this week. Maybe Shane vs. ??? Also are there rooms available. Appreciate any info someone might be able to share...
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    1-pocket partners match

    I was watching the live stream from DCC this morning and had to leave. Does anyone know who were the participants ( other than Gentile ) in the partners 1-pocket match, who won, and what was the bet. Thanks
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    Earl & Shane

    Guess I'll try for the third time. Anyone have any idea when the DVD will be available? Each time I inquire I'm told it'll be a couple weeks. I asked the first time MANY MANY weeks ago. If I thought it'd do any good I'd threaten to never. It would be nice to post it for sale before Shane and...
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    Earl and Shane

    Anyone know if the Earl/ Shane CD has been released yet. If not...why not?
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    Is this video available for sale yet?
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    Tournament at the Rack in Memphis

    Does anyone know who won sunday at the rack in memphis????
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    the rack

    Anyone know mwho won in Memphis Sunday?? Thanks
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    Anyone have the list of how they finished in Conyers Sunday?
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    oversize 8' Gandy (s)

    I have two oversize eight foot Gandy pool tables for sale. I will sell one or both. Both are in excellent condition. One table is covered with Simoniz. The price for one is 1250.00. Both for 2250.00. The tables are in central Arkansas.
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    Meridian, Miss

    I seem to remember seeing on this forum something about a new room in Meridian, Miss. Anyone know if that's the case? Thanks
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    playing people you dislike

    I seem to play better against people that I don't like. Is that typical??? Just curious if anyone has noticed this in themselves. Maybe I just hate losing more to someone I dislike than I would otherwise. Any thoughts?
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    Examples of tremendous "heart"

    Grady once said that tournament play does not compare with being two thousand miles from home. Having your entire bankroll ( including gas money) bet on a race that is hill-hill and you're faced with a long, straight-in shot on the nine. You're playing on a shimmed nine foot table...the cue...
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    Global Tables

    Has anyone heard of a brand of pool tables called " Global"? New room opening here, and that's what kind of tables they're using. Are they good tables?? Similar to..??? Thanks
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    Sunday in Dallas area

    Hey...I'll be in the North part of Dallas Sun. and possibly Mon. Just wondering if there are any little tournaments going on. Also is there a pool room with Diamond tables where I might hit some balls? Thanks for any info
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    Can someone who was at DCC please report if Tedder and JL played even or was weight involved. And, what was the final tally?? Thanks in advance...
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    Need help ID'ing table

    I'm looking at a Brunswick 4 1/2 by 9 table that is disassembled. On one short rail is small nameplate that says Brunswick and has a crown just above the name. Is this an older Gold Crown? Any help would be appreciated.