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  1. Daryle

    OB cues shut down?

    I bought this product, and it needs a lot of work to make it "better." Sent from my SM-T870 using Tapatalk
  2. Daryle

    Multiple Chinese players suspended, pending investigation

    I checked through Google, and the last two Chinese players suspended in 2018 got suspensions. You Delu got ten years and nine months, while Cao Yupeng was suspended for six years but reduced to only three years because he cooperated with the inquiry...
  3. Daryle

    Darren Appleton

    Darren has had a challenging 2022 on and off the table, but I wish him a very healthy 2023. I look forward to seeing the new and improved version. Sent from my SM-T870 using Tapatalk
  4. Daryle

    Mezz Cues

    I play with the Mezz Dual Force Break Cue and my friend recently tried it. He liked it and wanted to buy one! Seems like they are out of stock due to Mezz retooling. Is Mezz bringing a new line out in 2017? Sent from my SM-T530 using Tapatalk
  5. Daryle

    Darren Appleton as a commentator

    I was looking at the World 9-Ball Championship Final and I saw Darren was streaming it with his commentary on Facebook. I was impressed with his insights and how much different (in a better way) too current commentators his style was. Just one observation, he mentioned Jason Shaw so often, I...
  6. Daryle

    Shaun MURPHY vs Joe PERRY in the 2016 World Open Snooker Quarter Final - Was it fixed

    There are serious allegations going around that Murphy tanked his match with Perry. What's your view guys? Watch it at the below link:
  7. Daryle

    John Barton's exercise routine video

    On YouTube: My suggestion to John, is to stick to building cases. Although setting up the training centre should help taking a few kgs off!
  8. Daryle

    Social & Political threads on my ignore list

    Social & Political threads on my ignore list I joined AZB to discuss pool and pool products. But of recent times, each time I drop bye there's a 'heated' discussion on politics and social issues. I have decided to ignore threads today on Trump and transgender use of toilets as examples. I...
  9. Daryle

    Upgrading my cue

    Been playing for a while with a Robinson, I like the feel of it, but time to take the next step me thinks. I'm looking to move to a Predator. Not sure why apart from the positive feedback on here. McDermott maybe in the mix. Looking for some suggestions on which cue I should choose. As will...