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  1. SPDR9

    Finishing a Sneaky Blank

    I am looking for someone that is willing and able to finish 2 sneak blanks I have. 1 is for my 11 year old son and the other is for a friend that shoots with me. Both of them like my cue so I have all the specs for the way they need to be done. Very basic, need pin/joint/butt and turned down...
  2. SPDR9

    Northern VA cue work

    I have a sneaky blank that I am looking to get finished. Nothing fancy about it just need butt cap the joint and turned down. My son really likes playing with my cue so I thought I would try to get something simple made up similar to what I use. Anyone have suggestions in the Northern VA...
  3. SPDR9

    Looking for OB2 Shaft

    Need 5/16 x 14 pref black collar no ring. Let me know what you got.
  4. SPDR9

    Trying to ID this Joss Cue

    I am trying to figure out which model this is for a friend and its approx. value. I have been looking online but cant find anything to match this. Anyone able to lend a hand here?
  5. SPDR9

    WTTF OB-2 shaft & 3x5 case

    Looking to trade for an OB-2 shaft with plain black collar 5/16 x 14 and a 3x5 case preferably instroke buffalo or similar. I have a McDermott g-1401 to trade.
  6. SPDR9

    Butt repair question

    I have a sneaky pete cue that a local repair guy put together for me many years ago. I have played with it for a long time and the joint broke, I had him replace the joint and have noticed there is a weird wobble in the cue now. I gave it back to him to try to fix and it is better but not...
  7. SPDR9

    F/S-F/T McDermott G-1401 Customized

    * Black urethane sleeve * Bocote/brass rings * i-3 shaft * 6 black urethane/recon ivory/Bocote/Brass points * 6 Sets of Bocote/recon ivory/Brass sleeve inlays 18.2 oz with no bolt 3/8 x 10 Cue has been played with but still in great condition and rolls straight Looking for about $550 or trades
  8. SPDR9

    FS/T McDermott Customized

    I have this listed up on ebay right now (not allowed to post the link) but open to offers here and trades. Ebay item # 171094786085 I had this made for me with a few changes to the original style and the McDermott guys said they liked this look better than the normal factory look and it plays...