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  1. SlateHumper

    Ugh, pulling long staples suck…

    I hate the hacks that don't pull the old staples leave three rows of staples.:mad:
  2. SlateHumper

    Brunswick Sierra

    Thank you but I need rail corners.
  3. SlateHumper

    Gulley boot and pocket liner

    Can you post pictures of the originals?
  4. SlateHumper

    Brunswick Sierra

    Anyone sitting on any Brunswick rail corner miters that fit a Sierra or VIP?
  5. SlateHumper

    Anyone servicing Ft. Wayne-Southbend Indiana area?

    A mediocre leather pocket import. 3 pce 8'
  6. SlateHumper

    #3 iron pockets

    I'm looking for a decent set of new or used #3 iron leather pockets if anyone has a set to sell. I am aware that Classic Billiards has new sets available. Thank you
  7. SlateHumper

    Anyone servicing Ft. Wayne-Southbend Indiana area?

    I have a customer moving about halfway between South bend and Ft. Wayne. Uncrate and assemble. Looking for an installer. Thanks
  8. SlateHumper

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  9. SlateHumper

    Looking for someone who services Ashland KY

    Anybody servicing Ashland, KY?
  10. SlateHumper

    Leather pockets

    It is my understanding that Hood Leather Goods is no longer around. There are a lot of antique pool tables in the Cincinnati area. What do you do for reproduction antique leather pocket parts? What do you do if someone wants custom pockets? Any input is appreciated.
  11. SlateHumper

    National Shuffleboard Rails

    I just salvaged a set of rails and corner casting from an 8o.s. National Shuffleboard Table if any body is looking for a set, let me know
  12. SlateHumper

    Greenville SC

    Anybody servicing Greenville, SC?
  13. SlateHumper

    Looking for a mechanic in the Cleveland area

    I have a customer moving to Chagrin Falls, OH and would like to refer them to a qualified billiard mechanic in the area. They have a modern 8' Brunswick. Thank you, David
  14. SlateHumper

    Chagrin Falls

    I have a customer moving to the Chagrin Falls, OH (Cleveland) area and I would like to refer them to someone qualified in that area. It's a modern 8' Brunswick Thank you, David
  15. SlateHumper


    Looking for someone that services the Harrisburg /Camp Hill Pennsylvania Area. Thanks
  16. SlateHumper

    Michigan antique

    I'm looking for someone in the Michigan U.P. that is experienced and qualified to work on this...
  17. SlateHumper

    mech serving Minneapolis

    Looking for a Mechanic Serving the Minneapolis area. Thanks in advance.
  18. SlateHumper

    Championship 30/30

    I have someone asking about Championship 30/30. Anybody want to shoot me a price shipped to zip code 45230 ? Tour blue or green. They haven't decieded yet. Thanks, Dave.
  19. SlateHumper

    mech serving N. Indy

    I have a customer moving to N. side of Indy 4x8 world of liesure. oak. leather pocket. frame is assembled. colth is like new. they need it assembled in 1-2 months. let me know if you are intersted
  20. SlateHumper


    I have a proposal. I propose that Real King Cobra and OTLB get married. I'm sure that Big Truck would be the best man. I'm not sure where to rent a hall big enough for both egos.