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    5 minute epoxy

    What is the best 5 Minute epoxy to use?
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    What is a Mezz United joint?

    What is a Mezz United joint?
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    Rear chuck adapter

    Will it fit a Grizzly 602 rear spindle?
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    Rear chuck adapter

    What size spindle does it fit?
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    Mid cue extension material...

    I make mine with carbon fiber and make the pin with Aluminum so it’s not so heavy.
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    whitch foam to fill carbon fiber shaft

    I pack mine with cotton. BIRKY Shafts
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    Rear chuck adapter

    How much?
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    Removing Power Wraps

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    Removing Power Wraps

    You can put yard on it and then export to fill the void and then leather or linen.
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    How to add a cue extension

    It depends on the cue. Some have bumper with a wood screw with no weight bolt , some are threaded and the bumper screws into the weight bolt, and some are threaded deep into the butt with a 16 thread and a bump insert for an extension can be screwed in . Lots of different ways.
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    How to add a cue extension

    plug it and drill and tap it for the extension insert.
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    Epoxy Recommendations

    For thin epoxy which West system do you use?
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    No Looking a &👍✌️😎

    I collect Hueblers and I finish carbon fiber shafts for cues. $275 w/ a Kamui clear and $250 with a Ultra Skin
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    Pad between tip and ferrule

    I think that Predator uses a soft ferrule on its Revo and they use the pad so the tip stays on because without it the tip has give and the soft ferrule has give and the pad doesn’t.
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    Pechauer weight bolt thread size

    Thank you for all your feedback.
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    Drill bit chipping

    Yes you were right. Thanks
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    Revo vault plate

    Customers came off with tip. I finish CF and use t34 for ferrules. So I can use that instead of a fiber pad?
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    Revo vault plate

    What can be used for a replacement for the Revo Vault plate
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    Have you used carbon fiber and went back to wood?

    I’ve been finishing CF shafts for several years now and I find the people who shot with a low deflection shaft before have a easier time adjusting to it and people who shot with a solid maple had to do more adjusting. BIRKY Shafts
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    Drill bit chipping

    I have a 390 drill bit that chips the plastic, so I sharpen it and it still does. Any suggestions?