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  1. Walkermine

    New North Demon Cues

    Look familiar? If you know anything about cues, it should. The cuemaker with the real "eye for design" here would be Bob Manzino and his cue Silver Rhapsody. The cue was an award winner at the 2006 ICCS. New North Demon Cues may or may not put out top notch work, but to say he has an eye for...
  2. Walkermine

    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Hey Will, I don't get here as often these days but just saw your awesome collection. Thanks for sharing. Since you asked for other examples and another poster had mentioned Arthur Dienst, I thought I'd post this one. It was also done by Eva. Dubbed Icarus, IMO, it is one of her finest work...
  3. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary (cont)

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  4. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    This month marks the 25th anniversary in cue making for Bob Manzino. For those of us who have followed his work, many can recall that particular cue which stood out as being special or significant. For me, it was Silver Rhapsody, an award winning box cue he did for collector Ken Kerner in...
  5. Walkermine

    Lost and Found

    Well now, look what I found the other night while searching my closet for a pair of dress shoes. Way in the back corner stood a 1x2 Ron Thomas. Curious as to what treasure it might hold, I opened it to find this. Not exactly one of those rare pawnshop finds we are seeing these days with so...
  6. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Chama"

    This cue essentially came about as a result of touring northern New Mexico two years ago. The experience left me with a deep impression of that region’s uniqueness and diversity of its Indian arts and cultural heritage. Southwestern Native American art has always been a favorite of mine and...
  7. Walkermine

    Samsara Spyro Gyro cont...

    Duplicate Thread ..................
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    Samsara Spyro Gyro

  9. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Shinju"

  10. Walkermine

    A Little Something from Samsara

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  11. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Gatsby"

    This is Bob’s latest cue. It was very difficult photographing something where much of the metal inlays seemed to reflect every bit of light. I now know what Ken Kerner was talking about with his Evolution cue. Truly, this has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. The cue’s design was...
  12. Walkermine

    California Legislation on Ivory Ban

    California Gov. Brown is expected to sign new legislation further restricting the sale of ivory. The new bill is intended to close the loop on pre-ban ivory. Essentially, there will no longer be any distinction made between prior 1977 legally obtained ivory and post ban ivory. As it pertains...
  13. Walkermine

    International Cue Collector Show 2015

    Can anyone confirm whether there is a planned event for this year? I've heard rumors there might be one scheduled for late August somewhere just outside Denver, Colorado. Paul
  14. Walkermine

    Ivory News

    A little update.
  15. Walkermine

    Oversight Hearing on Proposed Ivory Ban

    Don't know if this was posted earlier, but here is a link to the June 24, 2014 subcommittee hearing concerning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Proposed Plan to Implement a Ban on the Trade of Elephant Ivory. You'll need to click on the webcast to view. It is rather lengthy so be forewarned. Some...
  16. Walkermine

    Dick Weaver

    Anyone know of a professional pool player from Florida named Dick Weaver (retired)? I was told I have a cue he once may have owned and was just curious about the guy and his pool playing background. I believe he may have done one pocket and later did some commentating. When I pick up a used...
  17. Walkermine

    Declaring Value on Shipped Cues

    Just curious whether anyone has had the misfortune of having a cue completely damaged or lost in shipment and their experience with the carrier in getting complete resolution after filing a claim. More specifically, I’m interested in shipments where the declared value was for more than $2-3K...
  18. Walkermine

    Ron Thomas

    Just wondering if anyone has been in contact with Ron within the last couple of weeks. Last month we had chatted some and he was close to finishing up a few cases for me. Unfortunately I'm not able to reach him now and his website telephone number states that he is not taking any more calls...