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  1. gulliver

    Kamui Clear: Advice on How to Best Remove It?

    Subject says it all. I hope I'm not trying to over engineer this, and perhaps I am being paranoid, it's just that I have this custom made snooker cue from the UK onto which I fitted a Kamui Black Clear Medium (using Loctite Super Gel) a few months back. Love that tip (was using regular Kamui...
  2. gulliver

    Pagulayan not the 2012/2013 America's Wildcard

    Unclear if it was discussed in another post but up until very recently we could read at a few places/blogs that Alex Pagulayan would be the 2012/2013 wildcard for the Americas. According to a document posted on the World Snooker website Floyd Ziegler (Canada) is now the Americas wildcard...
  3. gulliver

    Snooker in/around NYC Tonight?

    All: Visiting NYC this weekend. What's a good place to play snooker tonight? I know from some of them are private clubs. Which one is public, easily accessible and have nice house cues (I don't have mine). Thanks!