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    1930's Titlist done by Andy Gilbert

    From the same batch of blanks, 2nd from the left.
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    Dealing with Slow Players

    What is the best way to deal with an extremely slow player when in a tournament or gambling.
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    <> <> Rare Prewitt Sneaky Cue <> <>

    I did get verification from Ed, "Yes, I recognize the bottom of the bumper and Yes I did make this. Ed Prewitt". Here is a picture of the bumper.
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    <> <> Rare Prewitt Sneaky Cue <> <>

    For sale, Prewitt Sneaky. This is a rare cue. You will not see a cue of this type very often. Cue comes with two shafts sporting Micarta ferrules. Cue is in excellent condition. Shaft #2 does have a slight taper roll. It can only be seen if you look at the spacing under the shaft, when...
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    <><><>F/S Irving Crane Replica IC-3 Pool Cue<><><>

    <><><>F/S Irving Crane Replica IC-3 Pool Cue<><><> For Sale a like new Irving Crane Replica IC-3 Pool Cue Hall of Fame Series pool cue with a maple forearm with four rosewood points with maple, blue, red and black veneers. The butt is rosewood with sixteen mother of pearl dots. black...
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    <<< Durbin Cue F/S >>>

    For sale a Durbin Cue. Cue is in like new condition. It was sent to Michael Durbin to get re-wrapped and refinished. I believe the cue is made of Rosewood but see pictures to verify. Nice ring work, with maple and purpleheart. Cue & shaft roll straight. Joint: 3/8 x 10 Shaft: 3.6oz Shaft...
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    <><><>Mezz WD700 United Joint F/S<><><>

    For Sale one Mezz WD700 with a United Joint 5/16 x 14, This is shaft is in new condition, was never used. Mezz WD700 Shaft This totally new Mezz design of hard maple shafts has low deflection performance that can enhance every player's game, but yet has a feel of a traditional one-piece maple...
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    Dufferin Butterfly Conversion Cue

    Here is a very nice Dufferin Converion Cue. Weight: 18.6oz Butt: 15.0oz Shaft: 3.6oz Pin: 3/8 x 10. Shaft is a matching Tiger Ultra X (retail value $170). Cue rolls straight and is in excellent condition, shaft still has original sniper tip. REDUCED TO: SOLD (USA only).
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    Klein Cocobola 6 point 5 veeners

    6 Cocobola points with 5 veneers. Natural linen with ivory colored and silver rings. Real Ivory Joint and Butt Cap. Two shafts with Ivory Ferrules. Matching Joint Protectors. Genuine Ringtail Lizard Wrap Joint 3/8 x 11 Butt weight = 15.8oz Shaft 1 = 4.1oz Shaft 2 = 4.3oz Cue is new and...
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    Classic "Blud" Player Cue F/S

    Here is a classic Bludworth player cue from the past. It is in very good condition with a couple of minor flaws. There are a couple of minor scratches in the finish on the butt cap, also there is one dark spot on the forearm. Other than that the cue looks to have very little play. $SOLD OBO...
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    X-jumper f/s

    These are no longer being produced. Easily one of the best jump cues ever made since you can find all kinds of imitation jumpers out there. Bowling ball ferrule, and his special resin tip. Here is your chance to own an original. It is used but in great condition. $SOLD.
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    If anyone needs ivory for a cue. SOLD
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    Ivory Cue Parts

    Here is an ivory butt, joint and ferrule purchased from Warther. Decided against having a cue made with it, my loss your gain. $SOLD shipped, firm. US shipping only.
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    For Sale Steve Klein Hoppe Style Cue

    For sale, this cue has been recently refinished by Steve Klein and includes a brand new, unchalked / un-hit shaft. Also a nice black leather wrap was installed during the time of refinish. Comes with a 3 piece joint protector set. There are some light scratches on the joint protectors. I...
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    Long thin points in a shaft.

    Prather Here is one by Prather ....
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    ***** Schon CX16 Cue F/S *****

    For SALE: Used Schon CX16 in very good condition, no dents or dings. comes with 2 shafts. Both have been played and have slight blueing. On one shaft the finishing is has some yellowing. Shaft 1: 4.4 Oz, 12.90mm Shaft 2: 4.0 Oz, 12.95mm (finish has some yellowing). Butt: 14.9 Oz SOLD.
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    True Cue

    Has anyone heard of a cue line that was made out of aluminum? I believe they are pretty old, made in the 60? A guy was playing with one in a local cue hall, it has a model number 207, and was called a "True Cue". It also was made by a comany in Pennsylvania. Are these cues worth anything?
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    x-breaker shaft f/s

    brand new un-chalked x-breaker shaft $xxx shipped. Shaft has been SOLD Ferrule 13.5mm Joint .863 inches 5/16 x 14 joint
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    Regular Molavia Cue Tips

    Molavia cue tips, 5 tips for $35 shipped. I have 2 sets of Regular and 1 set of Hard.