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    Clean balls

    While I'm at it same viewing after rack of balls a thin strip of plastic 2" by 1/4 wide placed under 1 ball till rack is broken. It's kept under a rail for future use. Any ideas.
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    Clean balls

    Just watching streaming pool in Asia somewhere and they put 11 (tenballs + cue ball) on a towel and rubbed a little paste like car wax on each one. Then proceeded to shake balls in the towel. After less than a minute rolled out the shiny balls and played. Been around playing 65 years and never...
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    13mm shaft feel vs. Carbon

    Man or She Man I hear it from your text. Beautiful. Be Well............
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    The Art of Aiming

    The art of aiming in pool is like synchronized swimming. Learn to float 1st. Wave a cue around like Reyes. Now there's an art. Then try his bridge..
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    White or Black ferrule?

    I use black ferrule on Canadian hard maple cue.
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    Terrible stroke

    Find any straight line, stroke over it.
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    Been using the jab stroke, wish I found about it earlier.

    Decades ago cloths were slower and cushions not as reactive as todays. More force was needed for moving around the table. Todays equipment including more choices of tips and cues make moving around easy with feather strokes. I use both in play but short bridge only.
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    Shane Vanboening vs Dennis Orcollo "The Rematch" Starts Tomorrow

    At least a 120 game 9 ball match lasting 3 days for 30 bucks is still a lot cheaper than 3 therapy sessions on a couch. Great for insomnia also. Pool needs to bring back the girl that carries the sign around before each game start.
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    1st layered tip Aculeus

    Any input on these? Just installed one. Pigskin. After about 20 hours of play I like it much better than the hard 1 piece tips. the Aculeus all black layered leather pool cue tip. This tip has been tried and tested by Johnny Archer and comes standard on his All Wood Series pool cues featured...
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    Here is a question from guy with bum hand.

    Ya could use a bridge all around right? Maybe vary the length. What about a toe? Have an ortho doc make one permanently attach a piece of titanium.
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    The Art of Aiming

    Ok to be in a stupor for awhile but at some point methodology is a must.
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    Terrible stroke

    Good point maybe too square. Place balls of right foot on target line. That being a line from the object ball ghost strike spot to the cue ball center. Then step into the shot with your left side. It's a sideways stance. Your right hand to shoulder will swing more naturally back and forth more...
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    The Art of Aiming

    Take your time pulling the trigger next time someone has the draw on you.
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    Pool Announcers; What do you want?

    I want the likes of Danny DeBartolo to do the color work.
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    At what point do you think it's adventagious to learn to jump?

    Don't like jumping. Masse, kick, take your medicine. If you have to learn to jump use someone else's table to practice.
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    Arthritis and a return to an open bridge ...

    I learned to put a little pressure on the stick. If the stroking hand is too far forward the tip can lift. Hold it further back for better weight distribution.
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    The Art of Aiming

    If a person couldn't jerk the trigger accurately without moving the whole body then scatter gun might work. I don't think Wyatt Earp buttered smoothed the trigger at the OK Corral. Reyes has a butter smooth stroke but pumps the cue up and down. Only he know where the cue tip is going to land...
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    Can't multi task huh? Most of us do it quite well. Booze and congested tables look better and...

    Can't multi task huh? Most of us do it quite well. Booze and congested tables look better and better. Churchill won the war smashed. *One for the road please*
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    How bout

    LOL not what's your bitch about the 5 ball. On your 5 wife or something?