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  1. kevin s

    Joss model # 14

    1992 Joss model # 14 . 19 oz's - 58" long 13 mm leather wrap $875
  2. kevin s

    It's George Ostrich 1x1 case

    It's George 1x1 case It's George case . About 25 years old. It is used but in real good shape. $200
  3. kevin s

    multiple pics in thread test

    bout 3 pictures this time
  4. kevin s

    picture test

    picture of its george case
  5. kevin s

    cues for sale test

  6. kevin s

    Why doesn't AZ have coverage of the Southern Classic on

    the front page of their website? Just curious.
  7. kevin s

    My poolroom

    If your ever in our neck of the woods stop by. I am looking for 2 more diamonds 7 fters and i will start having some bigger tournaments.
  8. kevin s

    WTB- 2 used 7ft diamond bar tables

    I am looking for 2 used diamond 7 ft bar tables. i also have a 9ft diamond light. Its the narrow or the new version that i would like to trade for a wide 9ft diamond light. thanks ... kevin s
  9. kevin s

    More glue less staples....

    I recently helped a friend recover a 9 ft diamond. He sprayed the edges of the cloth and table with a aerosol glue from 3M. This is the first time I have ever seen this. We only put staples around the pockets. I was real impressed how strong the glue holds. We sprayed a light mist on the Simonis...
  10. kevin s

    Ideas for more ways to make money in a pool room

    I have a chance to take over an existing pool room close by. I would like some ideas on ways to increase revenues. In my home pool room there are several things they make money on. Here are some of them. -table time ( obv.) -food ( no alcohol) -mega touch (counter top game) does real well here...
  11. kevin s

    Congratulations to James Roberts

    James Roberts won the Viking Cue marathon billiard event in Atlanta this past weekend. Good Shootin buddy. Here is a link to info. There was lots of good players at this tourney and I like the new...
  12. kevin s

    places to play in new orleans?

    I will be in new orleans for a week starting this monday to play in the wsop events at Harrahs. I was hoping to get out one night and play some pool. any info would be appreciated.
  13. kevin s

    Stan Shuffett - Pro One

    If you are interested in learning a great aiming system I would recommend investing in the time and money and schedule a trip to work with Stan. There has been a lot of talk about aiming systems here lately. I am so impressed with Pro One. I have seen several posts on center to edge, ghost ball...
  14. kevin s

    More mini tournaments?

    I guess this question is for Greg or the powers that be. Is it possible to have more mini tournaments at DDC ? I hate to use poker as an example but they have satellites and qualifiers non stop during the WSOP. So here's my ideas..... Super satellite..8 man $500 entry.... winner gets a slot in...
  15. kevin s

    Planet 9 Ball in Tampa is reopening.....

    Strokers in Palm Harbor, Fl. will reopening the old Planet 9 ball under a new name. They are calling it Strokers 2. Jose (the owner of Strokers) is a great guy. If anyone can make it happen , he can. I don't know much of the details but here's a link of their myspace page...
  16. kevin s

    Does anyone have any contact info on Ronnie Allen?

    Ronnie Allen asked me to get a phone number of an ole friend of his in my area. Well I have it now and can't find Ronnie's info! Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? Thanks, Kevin
  17. kevin s

    Questions about 2008.

    The first event for the Florida Pro Tour is less than 30 days away. I believe the first weekend of March at Strokers in Palm Harbor. A friend of mine sent me the schedule but I haven't seen anything official yet. Any official info for the entire upcoming season would be appreciated.
  18. kevin s

    Very interesting old man I meet last night ( Long )

    Deep in the hills of east Tennessee last night I was at my usual Wednesday night poker game. I drive almost an hour from my home to this very small town of about 15,000. Of course they do not have a poolroom or even a bar ( i am not kidding ) so I was surprised to learn of the history of this...
  19. kevin s

    WTB.. ob-1 shaft

    Anyone know you has the best price on a ob-1 shaft?
  20. kevin s

    Lessons with Stan Shuffet

    I just have returned home from two days of lessons with Stan Shuffet! I have wanted to take lessons for quite some time. Stan has a great understanding of the game. It was a great experience. I wish I would have done this years ago. If you have ever considered taking lessons I...