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  1. Hoser

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I had a pup from this bad boy R.I.P Woody
  2. Hoser

    Broken pool cue

    knocked the butt plate off a D-series, McDermott, on a break but it came apart at the glue joint. Mike Gulassy refinished the cue and said it was a manufacturing defect.
  3. Hoser

    Anybody have any experience trying to switch your dominant eye?

    I had a procedure some time ago and was previously rt handed, rt eye dominant. With time my dominant eye switched on its own. The brain can adapt naturally but I would guess that the tape or eye patch might shorten the time. Stoke patients who have left or right-sided arm deficits can facilitate...
  4. Hoser

    Best/Funny Trash talk

    My buddy and I were playing partners at a country dive bar called "the hole in the wall" for beer when we were about 18 and these two rough characters challenge us to play. Looked like they walked off the Deliverance set, pants tucked in their boots with the meaner-looking one having a large...
  5. Hoser

    Pool is dying as is, why make it worse by turning it private?

    Like most things in life and history, things cycle up and down. Personally, in different ways, I think pool is on an upward trajectory. Locally I see leagues in my area very popular and keeping rooms afloat, Matchroom has been good for pool, and I get all my television over the internet. so I...
  6. Hoser

    the pleasures of reading the "pleasures of small motions"

    I have access to some top sports psychologists and will ask for recommendations on reading suggestions for pool and one that came up more than once was actually an optimal performance book for business. The first 100 pages or so are great information for pool. Coherence: The Science of...
  7. Hoser

    Don't just practice pool, practice taking falls!

    Excellent post and thread. Lets' say we have 2 players with identical skill sets for discussions sake. Historically, a lot of emphasis was placed on having the right amount of arousal to perform optimally. For example as arousal rose so would performance until arousal got elevated to the point...
  8. Hoser

    Celebrities who play pool

    She looks like a mister natural to me.
  9. Hoser

    why is there background music at Matchroom events?

    The music they played annoyed me as well. As you can see by the vinyl next to my table in the thumbnail I LOVE music... just not whatever they were playing. I know you can't make everyone happy with musical tastes and copywrite considerations but I had the same reaction.
  10. Hoser

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Normally when they are sunning like that they pretty much ignore you. About 30 years ago. I took my boy who was about 2 at the time for a ride on loop road, near shark valley where this was taken. Loop road is 20 miles, mostly dirt and the best way to see the everglades in a car. I was showing...
  11. Hoser

    interesting experience with taom chalk

    If you're used to chalking every shot and do that carelessly, like a few quick swipes in only the center of your tip it can build up on the edges. I've never had that experience with a miscue but have left bits on the cloth with a masse shot. Overall love the V-10
  12. Hoser

    Purpleheart Hit

    "hit" comes up frequently on this forum and elicits strong, often sarcastic opinions without a working definition of what hit means. Yes, like most folks bothering to read this you probably can pull a warped house cue with a slip-on tip and play lights out. So why do we spend so much time and...
  13. Hoser

    Purpleheart Hit

    "hit" is generic and subjective. I have a wrapless Paul Dayton purpleheart sneaky and also an ebony based cue with a similar Paul Dayton shaft. both ultra medium tips same 3/8-10 joint. The hit of the ebony is what I would describe as solid, or hard little feedback in my right hand. the...
  14. Hoser

    Sorry Fatboy.... the orange 5 is not coming back!

    Exactly, I get grey cloth for contrast, black on the 9 to distinguish from the one on monitors, like it or not because there is a RATIONALE for those changes. Like chess, we quickly look at the lay of the table and calculate the pattern of the current shot calculating optimal play based on...
  15. Hoser

    Player's Room in Miami

    Said you were looking for a players room. Sharp Shooters has 9' GC's and mature shooters . Raxx recently eliminated their 9''s :love::love: but Shooters in Port Saint Lucie still has 11, 9' Diamonds and is a very nice room if you're going to venture that far north. Shooters Has Wed. evening...
  16. Hoser

    Player's Room in Miami

    Sharp Shooters in Kendall is a nice players room
  17. Hoser

    Poolplayers and their pets(hopefully a feel good thread)

    My dog Dexter is in love with the horse next door. Both of them are rescues
  18. Hoser

    How does a cue play?

    I have always wished someone would made a movie about Moe.
  19. Hoser

    Cleaning a pool table?

    " Mothers against drunk drivers, the Pope is against the pill The unions against the workers working against their will The Presidents against the Congress, the Senate is against the House People are against politicians and I'm against cats in the house… ".