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    Kevin Varney Cues.

    It’s a bum deal no matter how you look at it. It would have been cool to get a my stuff back from him it was going to be my first set of custom cues that I had made for my self kinda a deployment gift to myself.

    Kevin Varney Cues.

    Yeah was never really expecting to get anything out of the post. Just wanted to see if anyone else had the same thing happen and later they had seen their cue in someone else’s possession. I chalked it up as loss about 9 years ago. I’m out about $1600 including the case. Not the biggest hit...

    Kevin Varney Cues.

    This all started in the Fall/winter of 2010 while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I picked up a Varney player from a member on here and had it shipped over to me so I had something nice to play pool with while deployed. I was about a month or so out from getting to leave and head back home from...

    Can anybody get ahold of Kevin Varney...?

    I know Kevin has had some rough times as of late. He has two of my cues one of which he was refinishing and the the other he was building me a matching jump/break along with a really nice case. Everything has been paid for from the start and I know he is not in good enough health to finish them...

    Kevin varney ?

    Anybody have any word on Mr. Varney I have been emailing and sending him PM's without any reply. Thanks for any information

    Kevin Varney?

    Is there anybody on here that have any updates on Mr. Varney, I know he wasnt doing well but i have not heard anything new? He still has 2 of my cues well one is my player that i was having him refinish along with a matching break/jump that he was building for me. If anyone can give me some...

    Just the tip....

    hey yall just got my new pred z2 in and i cant stand the tip thats on it i had a moori med. on my previous shaft and liked it...what do yall recomend here alot about the kumari "spell check" and the wisards open to anything let me know thanks ?