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  1. Nineballchamp

    4pt. Pierce w/ leather wrap

    4pt. Bocote Chocolate brown pebble leather wrap 3/8x10 pin LBM ferrule, joint and hoppe ring Triangle tip Weight is right around 19oz 58 1/2 long Shaft diameter is 13.2 *$OLD shipped priority and insured or pick up locally in Houston or Austin. Payment made through PayPal using friends and...
  2. Nineballchamp

    Simonis Cloth decals

    I have several Simonis decals that are 6inX2in, matte black that would look great on a laptop or any other surface. $5 including shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nineballchamp

    Niels Feijen

    Does anyone know how tall he is? I've looked all over the net and can't find out. I saw him on ESPN the other day and looks around 6 ft. I'm asking cause I've never heard or seen any pros 6 feet and above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Nineballchamp

    WTB: Gold Crown or Diamond

    I'm looking for an 8ft Diamond or Gold Crown in Houston.
  5. Nineballchamp

    Z3 Radial thick black collar

    I'm looking to try a Z3. If you have one with a thick black collar that accepts radial, let me know.
  6. Nineballchamp

    8ft Diamond or Gold Crown

    This is a shot in the dark but I thought I would ask just in case. I'm looking for either an 8ft Diamond or Gold Crown in the Houston area. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Nineballchamp

    WTB: Predator 314-3 radial

    I'm looking for a gently used, ding free Predator 314-3 THICK BLACK collar radial pin. I'd prefer a '30 inch shaft. Please include pictures and price. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Nineballchamp

    FS: 60" solid ivory joint, 6pt. Sumrall

    Thinning out the collection some. The pictures cannot do this cue justice. The woods are amazing. -30/30 equal slit -Solid ivory half joint -3/8x10 pin -Rolls straight together and apart -Ivory ferrules -Shaft one weighs 3.8oz and is 13.1mm -Shaft two weighs 3.7oz and is 13.1mm -3...
  9. Nineballchamp

    FS: ~~ 4.2oz Curly Birds Eye Shaft~~

    FS: ~~ 4.02oz Curly Birds Eye Shaft~~ - 4.02 oz heavily figured shaft (hard to find 4oz finished shafts) - 5/16x14 piloted with black collar - Finish is perfect and rolls straight - New Triangle tip unchalked - Shaft has some slight bluing from use - I don't know who made the shaft but it's...
  10. Nineballchamp

    F$--X Breaker--

    I intend to buy a digital scale and calipers this weekend to provide specs. $320 shipped USPS priority.
  11. Nineballchamp

    WTB--Radial Predator Z2

    Im looking to buy a Radial Predator Z2 with the normal thick black collar. Paypal will be used for payment. Thanks for looking!:thumbup:
  12. Nineballchamp

    WTB Josey w/ Predator Shaft(s)

    I'm looking for a wrapless Josey with BROWN collars. If you have one, please let me know if you are willing to sell or trade. I have a mint full splice Mike Stacey with vibrant veneers, antler joint and 2 shafts. You will come out ahead in the trade guaranteed or theirs always cash. Sent from...
  13. Nineballchamp

    Cue Storage

    I've searched the forums without a clear answer. Do you store your cues laying flat or up right? All my cues are stored in Ron Thomas cases but I want to make sure the laying them flat for years is correct. Your thought?
  14. Nineballchamp

    FS: Predator 314-2 shaft--5/16x14, Moori installed

    Predator 314-2 5/16x14 thread, Moori Med. installed, shaft wasn't played with very much but it does have a couple very small bumps from the chuck on the lathe when the Moori was installed. Not noticeable at all only felt in the clear coat. $140 Shipped
  15. Nineballchamp

    Mike Stacey Contact Info needed ASAP

    Can someone please provide me with current contact info for Mike Stacey? Thanks in advance
  16. Nineballchamp

    WTT:2 very nice cues-Ivory Joint etc..

    Wanting to trade 2 very nice cues-Ivory Joint etc. will trade up too Deleted.......................
  17. Nineballchamp

    WTB: Measels Cue Ball

    Just looking for a used measel cue ball, Aramith 6 red dots etc. ...thanks
  18. Nineballchamp

    FS: Predator w/ 314-2

    FS: Predator w/ 314-2 Steel Joint $295!! Cue has around 15 racks/ 45 minutes, like new condition for this reason. Just moving cues for new ones that are coming in. SOLD Shipped and insured w/ Tracking
  19. Nineballchamp

    Jerry Olivier Fullsplice $175

    Jerry Olivier Fullsplice SOLD!!! Shipped....Making room for other cues that are due here anyday now. Jerry sells these cues for $375..Older Jerry Olivier fullsplice SP, 1 shaft around 12.8, all rolls straight. Slight finish lift around the shaft collar. Cue is all around 85% condition. These...
  20. Nineballchamp

    WTB: Z-2 or 314-2 5/16x14 Shaft

    WTB: Z-2 or 314-2 or OB-1 5/16x14 Shaft Fellow Cue-a-holics, Im looking for a Predator 314-2 or preferably a Z-2 shaft to be shipped out quick before the Texas Open this weekend. It needs to be a 5/16x4 and must have a siver ring, used not abused. Let me know ASAP so we can close a deal quick...