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  1. poolhustler


    I sold a couple Schragers on FakeBook with no issues and one on eBay for $300 more than I had it listed on FakeBook. Still ways to sell out there, just have to wade through the 4.5 million scammers, fake profile idiots out there!!
  2. poolhustler

    Bert Schrager

    Bert didn't start putting logo on his cues until 1986
  3. poolhustler

    Mosconi cup / need a link to watch

    Can we watch on Matchroom? I read somewhere that would be the case....
  4. poolhustler

    International Final Four in 9Ball

    What time does it start tomorrow??
  5. poolhustler

    Shane Van Boening

    "It's the Indian, not the Arrow" "He could beat anyone with a Broomstick"....... LMAO !!!!
  6. poolhustler

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    I'm not on here much any longer, but have been here for a year or two :)
  7. poolhustler

    how would ya hit it?

    Pretty easy 3 rail kick shot...... :)
  8. poolhustler

    SBE live stream?

    No live stream for this? If true, that is insane.........
  9. poolhustler

    Sold Predator full setup.

    Condolences sir.
  10. poolhustler

    Emily Frazer making a lot of sense

    Great interview, she's a doll :)
  11. poolhustler

    Amazing how bad this pocket plays.

    You just might have something here..... Maybe all pockets should be cut like this? :)
  12. poolhustler

    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    Thank you!!
  13. poolhustler

    My japanese style home pool room

    Liscue..... just gorgeous!!! Love the architecture and materials used throughout. I need a pool room like that at my "faux" Japanese style house!!!
  14. poolhustler

    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    Is there a bracket for the 1 Pocket anywhere? Thanks!
  15. poolhustler

    Do sticker template racks hold up to a vacuum?

    I have the slug doctor and just use standard hole reinforcements. The last application has been on my table for years and no issues. I have used a small shop vac and also a couple of the Roomba type robot vacuums and no issues at all.
  16. poolhustler

    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    thanks for the update Lou, what FB page will this be on?
  17. poolhustler

    JJ ball cleaning foul

  18. poolhustler

    Brunswick Gold Crown 1

    Nice GC1 ..... mine has leg levelers as well :)
  19. poolhustler

    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    Regardless of all the bantering, this will be fun to watch!
  20. poolhustler

    Ohio Open, US PRO SERIES

    I 100% agree with Shane.......