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  1. tinpin90

    FS Early Ninties (Traditional Points) Mcdaniel's Cue

    For Sale: An early nineties McDaniels Cue :thumbup:. It has traditional spliced Cocobolo points with abalone diamond inlays. The cue has two shafts one with a linen ferrule and the other has a micarta ferrule. Weight and dimensions listed below. Conus only.I accept paypal, money order, and...
  2. tinpin90

    FS Ron Thomas 2x4 with large pockets

    Here is a change to get a super nice Ron Thomas 2x4 case at a great price. I sold this case new for around $900.00 shipped when it was new. I just took it back in on trade and I am offering it for the value I allowed in on Trade. The case is in excellent condition 98%. It is one of his premium...
  3. tinpin90

    FS matching Gilbert players and break cue set. Ebony on ebony.

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  4. tinpin90

    FS: Old Runde Schon and Ernie Martinez shaft

    I have for sale two shafts. Both are full 13.0mm and straight. The Runde Schon Shaft has a stich ring and micarta ferrul. I am asking $soldshipped. The Ernie Martinez shaft is one of his old shafts before he stopped building cues. It has the silver dash rings. Excellent playing shaft. I...
  5. tinpin90

    80s Schone cue R6 Stch Rings

    This is a very nice R6 Runde Schon Cue. It is dead straight and plays great. The shaft is curly maple and is a full 13mm. I have only seen a few curly maple schon shafts over the years. The shaft seems to play a bit stiffer then normal shafts but this could just be because its a full 13mm. These...
  6. tinpin90

    FS: Whitten 3x6 Case Black lizard

    For Sale is a Whitten 3x6 cue case. Is a lizard print leather and is in excellent condition. The only flaw is a dent on the back of the case that occured while transporting the case to the Houston Open last year. I have only used the case a few times and have decided to thin out my collection...
  7. tinpin90

    FS: 2 centenial cases and and its george 1x2.

    All three cases are 1x2s and in excellent condition. The its george is hardly used and has the key. the case is a model E which includes a pouch, luggage handle and a shoulder strap. There are a few marks on the back of the case from storage. The price on the its george is $150 shipped. The...
  8. tinpin90

    FS: Drak brown Elephant Ron Thomas Case 1x2

    I have decided to sale my Dark brown Ron Thomas Elephant 1x2 Case. Ron has not made many of these. Most of the Elephant cases I have seen from him were either grey or black. I am asking $Sale PendingShipped. Retail on this case ranges form $900.00 to $1000.00, last I checked from Ron. Ron builds...
  9. tinpin90

    fs: Gilbert Players cue

    For sale is a Gilbert playing cue I just took in on trade. I am asking $ pending Shipped. The cue weighs 19.7oz and comes with one shaft. The shaft is 30in and the butt is 29 1/2 coming to 59 1/2 inches long. It has a Kamui layered tip. I have played with the cue it has a nice solid hit. I...
  10. tinpin90

    Gilbert Anniversary Set #5 For Sale

    For sale is the #5 Anniversary set from Andy Gilbert. The set includes the playing cue, jump break cue, and the Ron Thomas 2x4 case. The playin cue weighs 19.2 and 19.4 with each shaft. the Break cue is 18.8oz. The price is **SOLD** for the set. please pm if you have any questions. Both the...
  11. tinpin90

    Ebony Josey Cue for Sale

    Pics see link below The price of the cue has been lowered to $sold shipped anywhere in the US. I will repost the pics later tonight.
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    Used Josey Sold*****
  13. tinpin90

    Used X Breaker 4 Sale

    I am selling this 1st Gen X breaker for a friend of mine that has fallen on hard times. The price is sold Shipped within the US. The weight of the cue is 20.1oz The shaft is full but has a slight roll. This does not affect the playability of the cue. Please PM me if you have any other questions.
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    x breaker Last picture
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    1st gen X breaker
  16. tinpin90

    Andy Gilbert cue.

    Here are the pictures from my digital camera.
  17. tinpin90

    Andy Gilbert cue.

    I have a New Gilbert Custom pool cue for sale. It is listed on my website for $1250.00. I have decided post a special AZ price for this cue. the AZ price is $1050.00. The price includes standard shipping anywhere in the US.
  18. tinpin90

    Gilbert Jump Break Cues

    New Gilbert Jump-Break cues. Attached is a picture them. Enjoy. Jeff