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    Nick Varner live stream I know it's the wrong section but Nick rarely plays these days. On Cue Billiards, if you don't have fb they usually upload stuff to youtube after a few weeks.
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    Looking for recommmendations around Indy to move a table a table tableendations on so

    Table is in Lafayette but there's no mechanic here and it needs to be someone that's insured.
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    Primal mens Big Willy's Pool Hall cycling jersey Large
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    Gildan womens gray WPBA sweater S VGUC $20 shipped

    I sell a lot of clothes on Ebay and have it listed there. Pm me here or on ebay I check it more often. Very Good Used Condition! Minimal signs of wear!! Body length: 25.5 inches <br><br> Arm pit to arm pit: 19 inches <br><br> Sleeve length: 23.5 inches
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    max eberle on manswers

    anyone else watch this show on spike? some funny/stupid and a few useful things on there, i believe it was max in some pool hall holding a cue and they asked him what he'd do if he ever got car jacked, said he'd get em in a headlock and then wait for the cops to come ________
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    WPA pulls an IPT on players via charged members a monthly fee of $7.50 to allow players to play in their real $ tournaments and to receive "coaching" to "help promote pool worldwide", they had i believe 8 weekly $10,000 tournies and 1 $5000 tourney along with 10 $500 tournies for that week instead of 1 $10,000...
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    go rodney

    Morris 4 v 1 van den Berg earlier the live updates on the wpc site wasn't updating, hopefully now they will throughout rodneys match, looking at the draw i see either morris wu or marlon winning this, if rodney plays up to his potential should have as good a chance as any to take the...
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    New channel through insight cable pools on it now

    I was watching the tv guide channel and saw channel 65 csn, and it said mosconi cup, thought for sure it was a pay channel, but it's not, 2002 mosconi cup is on it right now, not sure who else would have this channel i'm guessing it's a limited free preview? ________
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    Seeking advice on starting a local weekly tourney

    I'm sick of no tournies in town here, theres over 100,000 people in two cities and no weekly tournament, which is pathetic, just had the one monthly tourney, a wopping 5 people showed up. If i want to play in a tourney i have to drive out of town to the smaller towns, one which has a long up...