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  1. mystery shooter

    Any older Jacoby sneaky petes, hustlers, or plain jane wrapless cue for sale?

    Like the title says. Looking to buy older Jacoby wrapless cues. Sneaky petes, hustlers, plain jains. Must be wrapless!,
  2. mystery shooter

    Looking for older Jacoby wrapless sneaky petes

    Like the title says. Looking for older Jacoby wrapless sneaky petes or wrapless plain jains. Wood to wood joints perfered.
  3. mystery shooter

    Ltb JB rugged 4x8 butterfly case.

    Like the title says.
  4. mystery shooter

    Table info.

    I am looking at a Murrey 7ft home table with ball return. The table is in decent shape. Does anyone know if there is a place, or someone who has parts or can find or get part for this table? Table has 3/4'' slate. I'm looking to replace the rails if I purchase. Any help is greatful. Thank you...
  5. mystery shooter

    ISO of Cues and items for Youth pool group.

    Like the title says. I help out a local youth group by mentoring about a dozen youths. The table is in ok shape, but the house cues could be used for a bow or something. I trying to find some cues and other stuff to help out the youth group. Last year I was able to find a few cheap cues for the...
  6. mystery shooter

    LTB a brown stained Jacoby Edge break cue

    Like the title says. I am looking to buy a brown stained Jacoby Edge break cue. Must be in decent condition, straight together and apart. Pm me your prices.:thumbup:
  7. mystery shooter

    LTS or Trade!! Schuler SC5 wrapless!

    traded my Schuler SC5 weight 18.75oz Original shaft 29'' I have a 30.5'' Jacoby Hybrid shaft also. Pm me with offers. [/IMG]
  8. mystery shooter

    LTB Silver Fox 2x4 or bigger case

    LTB a Silver Fox 2x4 case or bigger. Post pics on the thread or email to
  9. mystery shooter

    Looking for a wrapless Jacoby

    like the title says. Looking for a nice wrapless Jacoby. Show me what you have.
  10. mystery shooter

    WPPS 9 Ball Tour

    New Wisconsin 9 Ball Tour! Created for the player by a player. This is a tour completely for the players.The WPPS 9 Ball tour is dedicated for the players around WI. All money taken in stays in the tournaments (except greens fee when applicable). $5 from each entry through the tour will be...
  11. mystery shooter

    For Sale, 8ft Kasson pool table

    For sale is a 8ft Kasson drop pocket table. Table has a black cabinet with red cloth currently. That's how I bought it. Table play very nice. Rails are all in good shape. No dead spot. 3 pc. 1'' slate $700 obo. Or interested in trades for Jacoby cues
  12. mystery shooter

    Looking for a Jacoby Hybrid shaft!!

    Looking for a Jacoby Hybrid shaft 5/16 x 14 for my Joss. Anybody have one?:D
  13. mystery shooter

    LTB Wrapless Schon!!!

    Like the title says. Looking to buy a wrapless Schon. Send any pics to
  14. mystery shooter

    For Sale, Schon R-15 with 2 shafts

    Schon R-15 1990's edition for sale. 6 pointer, lots of Ivory. Cue is in the same condition as I purchased it a year ago, I did not shoot very many games with it. There is a small chip towards the bottom of the butt and butt cap , and also a small one on the 12mm shaft. Comes with 2 shafts; 1-...
  15. mystery shooter

    LTB Silver Fox 4x8 Butterfly case

    Looking to buy a Silver Fox Butterfly case. Case needs to be in good condition. Let's see what you got!!! :smile:
  16. mystery shooter

    LTB Another Schon

    Like the title says. I'm looking to buy another Schon. Lets see what anybody has to offer. My price range is $500-$1000
  17. mystery shooter

    Looking for a Wisconsin Badgers McDermott!

    Looking for a Wisconsin Badgers McDermott. I used to have one 10 years ago, but I traded it. :angry: I never should of did that. So I come to find myself looking for another. Anyone have one?
  18. mystery shooter

    LTB 5/16 x 14 Jacoby Hybrid shaft

    A used/good condition Jacoby Hybrid playing shaft. Looking for 12-12.5 mm is diameter. 5/16 x 14 thread, for a Schon. Anybody have something?
  19. mystery shooter

    Restoring a Fischer bar table.

    Restoring a Fischer 7' bar table. What kind of rail could I use to replace the stock ones. Table has 4'' pockets already. Plays good, but the rails need to be replaced.
  20. mystery shooter

    Looking for a Justis Pro lite 2x4 or 3x6

    Looking to buy a new or nice used Justis Pro Lite. Black or Brown, must have the bigger bottom pocket for a jump butt. Let's see what u got. :thumbup: Send pics to