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    Light - Before or After Table

    i just moved into a new house and i am having my pool table moved from my old house next week. same guy will also set it up and re-cover it. i also need to have the light installed by an electrician. i originally planned on getting the table in there first so it would be easier to center the...
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    APA Rackless Night Patches

    the apa division i play in has never awarded these patches. it has been recently sold and the new owner decided to start giving them out...or at least he has them in his possesion. myself and another player on my team have done this recently on different nights. however, the LO stated that in...
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    Floor Reinforcement for Table

    i am moving into a new house in 2 weeks. i am bringing with me an 8' olhausen grand champion pro which weighs 1100 lbs according to olhausen. during the home inspection, after informing the inspector i would be putting the table in the living room, he strongly suggested i reinforce the floor...
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    South West, PFD, Capone

    first up is a south west purchased from indyq in late 06' as new. after i recieved it, i played with it for about 15 minutes with one shaft. other shaft is unused. #342 06 butt 16 3/8 oz shaft 1: 3 7/8 oz shaft 2:4 3/4 oz all MINT $3000 shipped and insured to lower 48 next is a wrapless...
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    green veneer material

    do any of you know where this color of green veneer material can be found? if this is your cue, i have saved this picture from a post here from a long time ago because i loved the color. im now looking to use it in a cue i am having made. thanks guys.
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    mike bender email address

    can someone give me mikes email, i lost it a while back when my computer crashed. thanks.
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    mike bender email address

    can someone pm me mike's email address, i lost it about a year ago when my computer crashed. thanks.
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    gtf case insides

    can someone post a picture of the inside of a gtf 2x4? thanks.
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    Your apa dollars at work

    havent been on here a whole lot lately so this may have been already posted but i didnt see it. i registered (had to send an email to local rep first) and its working.
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    Vendors:can we have a preview of sbe?

    lets see what you guys are bringing. i look forward to this every year but i always get there on a saturday and have to deal with the crowd. thus i really dont have a chance to really see it all. originally i wanted to try to find a franklin era sw but i may need to settle for a nice case...
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    wtb: cue with cat on it

    a girl on my team wants a cue with a cat on it, preferably a black cat. do any of you know of any brands that would have something like that?
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    New Ts

    recieved this one about a month ago.
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    clear your inbox
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    Blast From The Past

    i have only been here a little over year but im sure there are some here that can appreciate this.*/http://WWW.AZBILLIARDS.COM
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    Aramith Black Circle

    anyone know anything about this ball?
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    Apa Tournament Cue Ball

    this is the one, right?
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    took some pics last night

    of my higher end cues... bender, scruggs, southwest, southwest, capone, capone, phillipi titlist conv, and joss n7
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    Any Apa League Reps

    i may be a candidate to be a thursday night rep. when i asked what was involved, the aswer was "just answer phone calls about rules". we didnt have a chance to get into detail at the time but im just wondering what else there is to it?
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    Sw Scam Or Not

    what do you guys think?
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    shaft cleaner

    are there any non abrasive cleaners out there. i want to clean my shaft without haveing to sand it afterwards. i have cue clean, although it works great, it does raise the grain. anyone ever use diamondback shaft cleaner?