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    unique playoff format for my league

    We had a ladder at work where we had a table in the break room and people would challenge up the ladder when they had time. It was a good format for kind of a never-ending tournament essentially. Not sure how well it would work in a defined tournament, but was fun at work.
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    Mika vs Toasty live on fb

    Just started: I guess this is the "US Open Straight Pool Championship"?
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    Live Russian 14.1 on now
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    Swedish championship streaming now

    Appears to live stream on YouTube now of Swedish championships.
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    Archer vs Wilkie

    Johnny almost wrapped it up.
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    Straight Pool Deluxe iPad App

    My straight pool scoring app, Straight Pool Deluxe, was just accepted by the App Store. It’s iPad (and iPad Mini) only. I’m working on creating a stripped-down free version to allow people to give it a test run, but for now it’s priced at $4.99. I’ll PM a promo code for a free install to the...
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    Random cheating sequence?

    Player A misses. Player B scratches. I guess player A must be off somewhere, bcs player B waits a bit...then continues to shoot. Appears that the game is still going, scorekeeping still occurring. :eek: Anyway, some weekend entertainment. :smile:
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    Yet Another Straight Pool Scoring App

    Have a straight pool scoring app available for beta testing (or more accurately, "alpha" testing :wink: ) if anyone interested in playing around with it. Is iPad only. ios 6+. If interested, please PM me for details. Thanks, Chris
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    Amazing shot Schmidt vs Hohmann

    Unbelievable call and execution on this shot by John Schmidt. He moved the 4 ball in his previous shot, at 2:44. Wonder if he was planning it then?
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    Rule question: three fouls and rebreak

    After three consecutive fouls, does the opponent have the choice to accept the table as is? The rules I first encountered (at, and also at state that the offending player has to rerack the balls and perform an...
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    Basic rule question on scratches

    This always confuses me (very much newbie here). Let's say there are 10 balls on the table at the start of a player's turn. Player makes two balls. On the third shot, he makes the shot called, and the cue ball rolls into a pocket for a scratch. So that last object ball gets spotted, leaving...
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    8-ball rules clarification

    A question has come up regarding scratching on the 8-ball. The rule in question is this (from "The shooter loses if he (a) fouls when pocketing the eight ball;" I interpreted this as "The shooter loses if he fouls...