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    Steve Birkos your cue is finished..

    Bridged points plus full splice. Absolutely love it
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    speed of pool shots?

    You could estimate it pretty closely with video out there.
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    What types of wood are cue butts made of? How do they affect the way a cue hits?

    I think the search function might be even more useful. Regardless, the short answer is "yes, it makes a difference". That said, it is but one of many variables. You are going to have a lot more differences from cue to cue based on the tip, shaft, weight, and balance. Unfortunately there isn't...
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    Am I the only one...

    For me this complaint is a "meh". You have to realize the die hard pool fans will be watching regardless and those closer to the fringes are the real target audience to build their brand. Those people might not know the storyline, and they probably haven't been watching every step of the way as...
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    World 10-ball

    If pool at $20M a tournament to throw around it would be distributed more broadly. As it is, you gotta keep the top prizes respectable. It means that only a handful of players could ever make a living on tournament winnings. There just isn't enough money to spread around. Some organizer e.g...
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    World 10-ball

    FSR closes it out 10-8. Faces Fedor in the semifinals tomorrow. That should be awesome.
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    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    I think the Morphy - Fisher comparison is apt, although I guess not very useful for those who don't follow chess. :) It's hard to judge players who dominated their competition before the advent of Efren, Parica, etc. bringing over new ideas. And who's to say what Lassiter would have been like...
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    Is the 3 Cushion game picking up like the pool game is?

    I wish 3c would pick up more. I've only ever played online but it's beautiful and I've gotten to the point where I'm about 75% able to predict the shot the pros will take on at the table. Unfortunately it's much less approachable than pool in appreciating what's going on if you're new to it.
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    World 10-ball

    The commentators don't have any effect on the actual match, so I don't care so much about bias here. As was pointed out in the Mika/DeLuna controversy and verified by the length of that discussion, people want conflict and bias and personality in their entertainment.
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    So either he didn't hear him call it or he was sharking Mika. So many things happen in life where we'll never know the whole story.
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    I don't really blame DeLuna for getting up and being ready to take the shot after the ref called a foul. It's a weird situation to imagine being in DeLuna's shoes if he clearly heard Mika call it and let the ref make it a foul anyway. But I don't know what DeLuna heard or not. I'm pretty sure...
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    World 10-ball

    Alex, Mika, Thorsten. A who's who 15-20 years ago all looking serious about this tourney.
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    World 10-ball

    Yes but sometimes you are in a bad situation and you aren't sure you'll make either but it's better to try and make both. Or more commonly the opportunity to take a chance to win a game early by also making the money ball when you are sure of making the ball on, generally when the table is not...
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    World 10-ball

    I like called shot overall but not 10 last. Spotting 10 after break is ok though pretty rare. Only thing I don't like about called shot is missing out on chances to pot multiple balls and being forced to call only one.
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    New Hercek

    Joel is an underrated cuemaker. Always produces classy stuff with high attention to detail.
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Soufi was a blast though I think more likely flash in the pan. Still gonna watch him when I get a chance. Can't forget about Naoyuki Oi when talking about emotion and joy at the table.
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    Reverse tenon ferrule on a wood shaft

    I don't understand what the point of having a ferrule is at all if you do it that way.
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    Shaft wood

    Grain is a term used with wood in a lot different ways and could actually refer to different things. In this context, we are talking about the growth rings which a result of the wood going through seasons in the year. "Earlywood" starts growth in the spring and is typically (and in the case of...
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    New coming out of ship .

    Exactly my thoughts. I think it'll have more impact on the olive, but either way I wanna see it :)