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    delrin butt without glu in tascarella cue

    hi i recently bought a used tascarella 2005 4 point 4 veneers cue and when i take out the bumper i see a strange big plastic bolt. when i take out this bolt the delrin come out.i am little surprise, because i don t see any trax of old glue. is it normally? is it for any regulation of the...
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    WTB JW 72-80,schon r,sw pj satin predate

    searching playng cues ..... 2 shafts ,deadly straigth ,from 19,5 to 20 oz budget $1200 ....or less, thanks
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    wtb josswest 72-80 or schon runde

    hi I'm new in azland I feel like a baby in candyshop :p ok can you show me any JW 72_80 or a schon spliced points for sale please? I must say I Iive in ITALY and I am a player I want to buy a good playng cue with a solid hit ,perfectly stright with 2 original shafts 12,75-13 mm 19.5-20 oz...